WINBOAT™ Starts to Sell Unique Foldable RIBs in the United States

Inventor of internationally patented foldable rigid inflatable boat (RIB) design presents the first fully foldable RIBs in the United States. New technology was utilized in the production line of the foldable RIBs, ranging in sizes from 9 to 15 feet.

San Jose, CA, June 11, 2015 --( A unique, unparalleled design was key in merging the compact properties of a regular inflatable boat with the exceptional high-performance of a classic RIB to achieve what we had in mind – ease of transportation and storage, without compromising speed, handling and maneuverability.

Winboat™ foldable RIBs are the best solution when storage size is a consideration; irrespective of the large deck in your yatch, or the extra space in your garage, it is always better to save some place for other toys. However, when you think about floorboard or roll-up inflatables, they just cannot be compared to RIBs in terms of performance, safety and payload. Winboat™ is a proper (and only) RIB that folds and doesn't take much space to store and transport. Moreover, it can be assembled and inflated in less than 10 minutes with no hassle and extra parts to worry about.

Winboat™ trademark combines a group of companies specializing in Research and Development, Manufacturing and Marketing of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs). The RIB is a lightweight, high-performance and high-capacity boat constructed with a fiberglass, V-shaped hull and flexible tubes. Throughout the world, RIBs are considered to be the safest and most reliable seaworthy vessels. They are widely used by Coast Guards, Rescue Teams and Special Forces, as well as recreational users all over the globe. RIBs, developed, manufactured and tested by our team of specialists, are unique by its patented design and manufacturing technology, mostly notable for our line of Foldable Rigid Inflatable Boats including our 15’ Foldable Sailboat.

The history of Winboat™ fold-able rigid-hulled inflatable boats traces back to 2004 when the first prototypes were made. Since then, a small group of inventors and boat enthusiasts has grown into a full-scale production holding and one of the leading European RIB producers. Dr. Sergey Veretennikov, head of Winboat™ R&D, has over 30 years of experience in fiberglass prototyping and crafting, with a background from the aviation and naval industries. The boat's design and folding mechanism are patented both domestically and internationally, and are CE certified by IMSI.

Key advantages of WINBOAT™ boats:
• Their boats with internationally patented foldable hull design have the best of both worlds: durability, speed and safety of RHIB boats and compact size of inflatable boats;
• A broad product range with boats from 9' to 15' long, exclusive accessories and a one-of-a-kind unique foldable RIB 15' sailboat;
• A handcrafted fiberglass hull with a v-shape design makes the boat seaworthy, very lightweight and easy to handle with less than 10 minutes deployment time;
• Innovative materials of the highest quality are used in production, including non-degrading German PVC and S-grade fiberglass, allowing us to provide a 5-year warranty for the hull, and 3 years for the other components;
• Winboat™ boats have been afloat for over 10 years and have been continuously improved since then;
• International safety certification by International Marine Certification Institute;
• Their customers will be afforded opportunities to save on the transportation, as there is no trailer required and a boat fits in the trunk of almost any SUV or even a hatchback.
Yuriy Galeev
(415) 812-2367