Irfan Farooqi Announced PDF Expert 6 - Sign Documents, Fill Forms and Annotate PDFs

The new PDF Expert 6 app aims to brings a powerful PDF Master and Document Management Solution for iPhone & iPad users.

Karachi, Pakistan, June 11, 2015 --( Masalasoft (Pvt) Limited, the most top vendor in mobile consumer apps, is excited to announce the release of its latest application... PDF Expert 6 - Sign Documents, Fill Forms and Annotate PDFs Version 1.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users.

The application features a Rich Text Editor, Reader, PDF Converter and also allows users to highlight text, draw with your finger, add comments or notes, insert pictures, sign & send, underline & strike-through words, save multiple bookmarks, review documents, fill forms, share documents, thumbnail and easy scrolling, print to wireless printers, save email attachments and sync your files with various cloud services.

Users can create professional quality documents in open standard format that can be viewed or edited in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word or any other standard word processing application. The app also features a high quality viewer for Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF, Text and a wide variety of image file formats. Users can download files from virtually anywhere from the internet, from a computer through a USB cable or from an external file management system like Dropbox or Google Docs.

"Smart Phones have the potential to change the way we live our lives,” said Irfan Farooqi, the Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Marketing for Masalasoft (Pvt) Limited."

“With more and more computing power and rich hardware capability in smart phones, the innovation in applications is taking the benefits of mobile technology directly to common users. Our next generation of mobile business apps aim to take the burden of content management off from the users by creating amazingly simple mobile interfaces for our customers.”

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