Chloe Caroline Releases New Music Video for Daddy's Song

To celebrate the release of her new music video, Chloe thanks fans for their loyalty with a gift on PicCollage.

Nashville, TN, June 12, 2015 --( Chloé Caroline debuted a music video for her popular track “Daddy’s Song” on Monday, June 8, via YouTube’s Made In Network. To celebrate the release of the new video, Chloé teamed up with PicCollage to create a free sticker pack as a gift for her followers on the photo-sharing app.

“Daddy’s Song” is a personal tribute to her father and the fourth track on her debut EP, One Left Standing released on TheEngine360 via TuneCore in March of this year. The track received high marks in a review from the May issue of Music Connection magazine, which stated “All elements gel perfectly, with a sweet sincerity that gives off a glow of early Taylor Swift.” Continuously encouraged by her fans’ love for her music, Chloé wants the gift on PicCollage to be another way for she and her fans to share experiences with each other.

"Chloé’s interaction with her fans through PicCollage has played a major part in her rapidly growing audience,” said PicCollage co-founder Ching-Mei Chen. “PicCollage is a place where artists like Chloé can connect with and inspire her fans to be creative, while they, in turn, motivate her to keep writing great music.”

Chloé’s one-of-a-kind sticker pack will be available as a free download inside the PicCollage mobile app, which uses photos, stickers, frames and text to “express, inspire and interact using pictures,” according to its website. The pack includes Chloé-inspired designs such as the state of California, Chloé’s signature, and a fan’s sketch of the cover image from her album, One Left Standing. Her sticker collection will also include Father’s Day specific images, and Chloé hopes fans, known as the #ChloeCarolineCrew online, will use the stickers to create unique posts about what Father’s Day means to them.

Chloé recently reached 30,000 followers on the app and attributes much of her success to the personal content she chooses to share with her fans. Chloé remains equally as transparent on social media with her followers as she is in her music.

“They want somebody to relate to and look up to as a friend or big sister, and in a certain way I am lucky enough to be that person,” said Chloé. “I want to give them the inspiration they give me by believing in my music.”

The music video for “Daddy’s Song” is live on her YouTube channel at To follow Chloé on PicCollage, download the app on a mobile device and visit her profile by searching her username, chloecaroline. For more information please visit or contact Lindsay Fellows at 310-714-3455 or
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