World Wide Motion Pictures Acquires Academy Award Submission, The Nightingale

Los Angeles, CA, June 16, 2015 --( World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation (formerly OTCBB:WWMO) has acquired North American distribution rights to the award-winning French/Chinese co-production, The Nightingale—China’s official submission for this year’s 87th Annual Academy Awards in the category of Best Foreign Language Film.

Directed by Philippe Muyl (The Butterfly), and starring A-list actors Xiaoran Li and Han Qin, The Nightingale is inspired by Muyl’s highly successful French feature, The Butterfly, a visually translucent award-winning film about the heartwarming friendship between a grumpy old man and an eight-year-old girl. In The Nightingale protagonist Zhu Zhi Gen has made a promise to his late wife. To fulfill that promise, he’s preparing to return with her pet caged bird (the companion of her final years) to her native village and set it free. He’d planned to make the trip alone, but his granddaughter, Ren Xing, a little girl from Beijing, is forced to go with him when her parents’ marriage is in turmoil. During this journey to the outer reaches of traditional China and through magnificent Guang Xi landscapes, the duo that seemingly has nothing in common opens up to each other, sharing memories and adventures.

Showcased at more than 30 film festivals around the world, The Nightingale has garnered awards from the River Run International Film Festival (USA) – Winner: Best French Film; the Zlin Film Festival (Czech Republic) – Winner: Best Film for Children; the Buster Film Festival (Denmark) – Winner: Best Feature; the Wine Country Film Festival (USA) – Winner: Best International Film; and the Minsk International Film Festival (Belarus) – Winner: Best Adult Performance in a Children’s Movie for [Lead Actor] Li Bao Tan.

“World Wide is very proud to be releasing another meaningful family film and one that also carries with it the high political presence of being China’s official entry for the Oscars,” states President/CEO Paul D. Hancock. “With the growing emergence of China on the global stage, we’re thrilled to be involved in this second-ever official co-production between France and China.”

The Nightingale will be released at select theaters throughout the US in the fall 2015, including major metropolitan areas with many Chinese and Asian American organizations throughout the US supporting the film’s release.

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Kelli Larson