Introducing Com(e)post Your Garden: a Unique Free Online Garden Journal & Social Network

In a world where gardening community is expanding daily, Com(e)post Your Garden comes in to fill a gap and allow gardeners to properly track, plan, and share their gardening activities for free.

Beirut, Lebanon, June 16, 2015 --( Com(e)post Your Garden is a unique & free online garden journal & social network that is being officially introduced to the public as of June 2015.

This revolutionary concept to the gardening community, an ever growing community, constitutes a step to unifying and connecting gardeners around the globe on a single platform to allow them to properly connect, and most importantly, to efficiently track their gardens and plants growth.

Com(e)post Your Garden is offering gardeners the opportunity of creating online gardening profiles, creating entries for their gardens, plants, activities, tracking them as well as properly planning future activities and sharing all content within the site or through other social media.

Uploading progress photos of gardens/plants is an essential feature of this gardening social network, as well as typing in, in the way social networks operate, daily garden journal and updates. A fun point system is also awarded to gardeners for performing gardening activities.

So many future features are planned for this online garden journal, including identifying plants, insects, allowing gardeners to sell plants online, and so many more that will be revealed in upcoming releases.

Com(e)post Your Garden is offered for free. Com(e)post Your Garden team is look forwarding for all novice & expert gardeners alike to make the best out of this online garden tracker and social network.

Interested gardeners can visit & register to Com(e)post Your Garden here

Com(e)post Your Garden Team
Com(e)post Your Garden
Mohammad Farhat