Barrie Insurance Broker Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Now Offering Live Chat with Broker via Website

Leading Barrie, ON-based auto insurance broker, Cornerstone Insurance Brokers, Inc. have just announced they’re now inviting clients across the region to speak directly to their specialists via a new live chat option on their website. The live chat feature on the Cornerstone Insurance Brokers website will allow all site visitors to connect directly with an expert to have their questions answered by a professional with several years of market experience.

Woodbridge, Canada, June 17, 2015 --( When searching for low pricing on car insurance policies, it can be difficult to find a trustworthy company that is willing to provide tangible information on the latest offers within the marketplace. There are few companies whose team has the experience and the commitment to service to provide affordable policies that assure comprehensive coverage for today’s busy Barrie vehicle drivers. But, now, the team at Cornerstone Insurance Brokers is responding with a service that assures vehicle owners find their ideal solution within a consolidated timeframe.

The team at Cornerstone understands that many vehicle owners have an urgent need to find an affordable insurance policy. That’s why they’re now inviting clients to visit their website directly and speak live with an agent today about their insurance options. The company’s staff members are available to answer messages via their website throughout the business day and can respond to off-hour messages within a quick timeframe to ensure that all clients achieve clear data according to their schedule. One of the leading benefits of turning to Cornerstone is that the company deals only with the most trusted names within the Canadian auto insurance marketplace. They complete the entire negotiating process with the insurance company and act on the client’s behalf through. This means that vehicle owners simply have to sit back and wait for the company to find them the ideal option for their vehicle coverage requirements!

It’s the affordable auto insurance broker service that will help keep Barrie drivers safe and secure on the road in 2015. To learn more, speak with the team at Cornerstone Insurance Brokers directly via 416-798-8001 or visit their business website directly via
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Nikolai Williams