Neoedge Brings Relevant Professional Workshop on Gas and LNG Transportation, Distribution and Commercialization to the Latin American Region

Cartagena, Colombia, June 16, 2015 --( Neoedge, a leading business intelligence company based in Singapore partners once again with Romel Bhullar of Flour Corporation, to address the challenges in gas and liquefied natural gas’ (LNG) transportation, distribution and commercialization.

In an upcoming event entitled, “Gas/LNG Transportation, Distribution and Commercialization for Small to Mid-scale Projects Master Class”, the practical as well as the commercial solutions on challenges in gas and LNG’s transportation, distribution and commercialization will be tackled.

Focused on small to mid-scale projects, the event’s ten modules and two major case studies will be discussed in the four-day training course. The international event will be held at the Holiday Inn Cartagena Morros, Cartagena, Colombia, on the 25th to 28th August 2015.

Gas/LNG Transportation, Distribution and Commercialization for Small to Mid-scale Projects Master Class:

Programme Modules:

Module 1: Game Changing: Global Gas/LNG Market Overview
Module 2: Technical overview of classical and current LNG supply chain – with special focus on small to mid-scale sector
Module 3: Commercial and economic aspects of small to mid-scale projects
Module 4: Safety, environmental and regulatory challenges and impacts on project development
Module 5: Current best practices for process safety systems, standards and regulations
Module 6: Transportation of Gas/LNG especially for small to mid-scale projects
Module 7: Distribution of Gas/LNG for small to mid-scale projects
Module 8: Commercial opportunities for Gas/LNG as land transportation solution
Module 9: Commercial opportunities for Gas/LNG as marine transportation solution
Module 10: Opportunities for using LNG as feed to power and petrochemical

Case Study One: “Satellite GAS/LNG Distribution Station” to meet the regional transportation fuel needs of Heavy Haul Trucks
Case Study Two: “A Small Scale LNG and Integrated Bunker Fuel Distribution Facility or Satellite Facility” with the regional infrastructure consideration

Mr Romel Bhullar, an experienced trainer on Gas/LNG courses, is the Senior Technical Director and a Senior Fellow at Fluor Corporation in Aliso Viejo, California. His portfolio includes an impressive 35 years of experience in Energy and Chemicals, from conceptual development, feed, engineering, construction, commissioning and startup of energy, gas processing, liquefaction, regassification of LNG facilities, pipe lines and infrastructure for both on shore and off shore.

Bhullar’s main focus involve solving complex technical process issues, process control, safety, process integration, process automation systems and subsystems, control room and other enterprise integration issues for mega projects he has previously worked with, like: Shell, BP, Texaco, Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, Exxon, ADNOC, GASCO, Santos, WOODSIDE, PETRONAS, ENAGAS, PERTAMINA, PEMEX, SASOL and TOTAL.

About Neoedge:

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