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Chinese Medicine Plus Western Medicine Equals Fewer Problems With Menopause

The Access to Health Experts interview series will host health expert Dr. Laurie Steelsmith who will present her findings that the integration of Chinese and Naturopathic techniques bring significant health benefits for women’s health and menopause.

Asheville, NC, February 01, 2006 --( Naturopathic Doctor Laurie Steelsmith will appear February 16, 2006 as a special guest as a guest on Dr. Liz Lipski’s Access to Health Experts interview series to discuss her book, “Natural Choices for Women's Health: How the Secrets of Natural and Chinese Medicine can Create a Lifetime of Wellness”. Dr. Steelsmith will discuss her findings that women can create a lifetime of optimal health and wellbeing by blending the extraordinary benefits of natural medicine from both the Western tradition and ancient Chinese teachings. The presentation will have a special focus on women's health and menopause issues.

During the free one-hour teleseminar Dr. Steelsmith will cover the following topics:

• Five Element Theory and how it keeps women’s health in balance
• Balancing Yin and Yang
• Orchestrating women’s hormonal dance: natural solutions to menopausal symptoms, Perimenopause, and PMS
• Restoring women’s liver health and essential vitality
• Creating optimal breast health

As a strong advocate of prevention and the natural power of the human body to heal itself, Dr. Steelsmith uses therapies that are primarily natural and non-toxic to address women’s health and menopause. She prescribes medicines and lifestyle changes which stimulate the patient's healing process, rather than drugs which simply suppress the symptoms and may have multiple unhealthy side-effects. It is vital in her training and practice to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of disease. Here are some of Dr. Steelsmith’s recommendations:

• Eat three meals a day, with snacks such as fruits between meals if you’re hungry.
• Eat moderate amounts of lean protein, such as low-mercury fish, skinless poultry, or eggs; if you are vegetarian, consume adequate quantities of plant-based protein.
• Use quality fats in your diet, such as olive oil for cooking and flax oil in salad dressings.
• Eat ten servings of low-glycemic fruits and vegetables each day.
• Keep your Qi strong by eating a balance of hot, cold, warming, and cooling foods.

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About Dr. Steelsmith:
Laurie Steelsmith is the author of "Natural Choices for Women's Health." She has studied both traditional Chinese medicine and Five-element acupuncture, as well as Chinese herbal medicine and nutrition. She is licensed by the state of Hawaii as both a naturopathic physician and an acupuncturist, and by the state of Washington as a naturopathic physician.

About Access to Health Experts:
Access to Health Experts is a monthly teleseminar interview series hosted by Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN. The program features interviews with many of the most prominent and authoritative experts in integrative medicine. Dr. Lipski is a nationally-known nutritionist and author of Digestive Wellness (3rd Edition McGraw Hill). Innovative Healing is located in Asheville, North Carolina. For more information visit

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