APOS Data Gateway Server, SAPĀ® Lumira Edition

Nice, France, June 18, 2015 --(PR.com)-- APOS Systems Inc., a leading provider of well managed business intelligence (BI) solutions for use with SAP® BusinessObjects™ BI software, announces its new APOS Data Gateway Server, SAP Lumira Edition, today, at the SAPinsider BI 2015 event in Nice.

The APOS Data Gateway is a data connection and data transformation solution for SAP BI components which enables extended data source and data volume options. APOS created it to assist in the channeling of data from various sources into SAP Lumira and SAP Design Studio.

This newly released product, the APOS Data Gateway Server, SAP Lumira Edition, includes two connection components:

- Web Intelligence Connector - connect to SAP Web Intelligence reports and instances in your SAP BusinessObjects deployment and leverage the trusted data, data connections and business rules therein.

- Direct Data Connector - connect to any relational database using dynamic connections or stored query connections. Dynamic connections let you send any SQL statement to your database, and stored query connections let you use preconfigured queries with parameters.

SAP has identified Lumira as one of their go-forward BI technologies, and a major component in its BI Convergence Strategy. SAP's BI Convergence Strategy aims to simplify and unify the SAP BusinessObjects BI portfolio while easing the path to adoption of new technology. The APOS Data Gateway aids in convergence by making more data sources and existing business logic assets more easily available.

"The APOS Data Gateway Server, Lumira Edition, assists the SAP BI Convergence Strategy by optimizing and maximizing data connectivity for Lumira," said Allan Pym, APOS COO. "It allows you to leverage existing data sources and enhance the data processing capabilities of SAP Lumira, and supporting data discovery and exploration from an expanded range of trusted enterprise data sources."

The APOS Data Gateway Lumira Desktop Editions for Web Intelligence and Microsoft Access, released earlier this year, allowed individual users to leverage tactical data for data discovery and exploration. The APOS Data Gateway Server, SAP Lumira Edition, expands these capabilities to trusted, strategic, enterprise data sources.

"The APOS Data Gateway Server, Lumira Edition, again extends our mission to provide organizations using SAP BusinessObjects with the means to optimize their BI deployment and realize stronger ROI on their BI investment more quickly," said Pym.

About APOS Systems

Formed in 1992, APOS Systems is a global provider of solutions which enable well managed business intelligence. APOS solutions improve the return on BI investment through enhanced BI platform management, providing: automated and simplified administration; detailed platform auditing and monitoring; robust archive, backup and restore capabilities; enhanced content publishing and distribution; detailed BI query awareness and controls; and targeted solutions to speed and streamline platform migration and technology adoption. APOS solutions simplify, automate, complement and extend your BI platform management practices.

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