Nashville Church of Scientology Wants Artists to be Successful

Nashville Church of Scientology recently hosted artist Jim Meskimen for his seminar on how to help artists achieve success.

Nashville, TN, June 20, 2015 --( Nashville’s reputation as Music City has been consistently proven for over 200 years according to the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau, but now Nashville is making a name for itself through films, earning a spot in the top ten Film Festivals in the United States, according to Brooks Institute.

In light of this, actor Jim Meskimen decided to take a trip to the city to deliver a seminar about how to be successful as an artist. His seminar was geared toward actors, but other artists attending found the tips very useful too.

Meskimen, who can currently be seen on Impress Me on Pop TV, covered how to spot the right projects and people to say “yes” to. Attendees loved how he was incredibly relaxed, fun and lighthearted, yet very wise and able to pass on helpful information that will help them in their artistic careers.

According to IMDB, Meskimen is an accomplished actor, improviser and voice artist whose work is well-known to TV and film audiences. He appeared on the British series Whose Line Is It Anyway? several times, and was a recurring character on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air for two seasons. He has appeared on Frost/Nixon, Parks & Recreation and Friends, among others. He has worked with director Ron Howard on five of his films, including The Paper, Apollo 13, Edtv and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

A professional artist, Meskimen exhibits and sells his realist oil paintings. As a designer/cartoonist, he created dozens of characters, weapons and vehicles for the original "Thundercats" animated series. He continues to dazzle audiences with his improvisational skills and appears regularly on L.A. stages. His work in stand-up comedy can be seen at

“A Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre is unique,” says President of the Church, Corinne Sullivan, “It’s our mission to uplift artists. They are the ones who bring about change, and whether that change is positive or negative depends entirely upon their spiritual values or lack thereof.”

For more information on the church’s seminars to help artists, To find out more about Jim Meskimen, visit
Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville
Julie Brinker