Analyticsworks Announces Launch of Forecasting Module in Its Enterprise Edition of Business Intelligence Software - Analytics Studio

Mumbai, India, December 01, 2007 --( Analyticsworks, an innovative Business Intelligence Solution provider based out of Mumbai, India is proud to announce the launch of a full fledged Forecasting Module in the enterprise edition of its business intelligence product Analytics Studio. The forecasting module boasts of the following special features

• Forecasting based on the latest and most advanced algorithm (ARIMA)

• Automated report generation showing the forecasts for near future based on historical observations

• Time Series forecasting for sales, inventory, etc. at any level ranging from top organizational level to rock bottom per employee level

• Seamlessly integrated with the existing product to leverage other features already included in Analytics Studio such as auto emailing, desktop ticker, etc.

• The results of forecasts can be delivered in multiple formats like comprehensive reports, charts and even OLAP reports

This module has been designed keeping in view the needs of the industry and ease of use. Being fully automated, users just have to specify their requirements once and the module takes care of the rest and reports etc. get automatically refreshed, showing the forecasts for the next periods automatically.

Continuing with its tradition of helping firms to take informed decisions, Analyticsworks’ Forecasting Module gives managers much needed insight into the future so that they can plan accordingly. This also helps them to set targets and compare the actual results with forecasts and planned results, giving them complete control of the business.

About Analyticsworks:

Analyticsworks is a professional services firm that helps medium and large companies leverage the information age to make better decisions by extracting intelligence from the data. The people behind Analyticsworks have a strong track record of helping leading companies strengthen their business with their unique mix of the understanding of business as well as technological expertise. With Retail and Mobile VAS as major focus areas, Analyticsworks consulting practice conceptualizes, develops and implements high-value business intelligence solutions to provide a 360° view of the business and its customers.

Analyticsworks’ methodology helps its customers to obtain relevance out of their data. This structured, logical approach has the potential to improve profitability significantly for their clients. The BI practice at Analyticsworks helps clients achieve better results through scalable and cost-effective solutions. Analyticsworks’ cross-functional teams provide clients a range of services including implementation of data warehouse, OLAP based reporting solution, advance analytics using Statistics, data management and maintenance, ongoing support for periodic analytic tasks (e.g., marketing campaigns).

Analyticsworks specialize in identifying high-impact problems and opportunities where they can generate results quickly, creating immediate and lasting value.

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