Cross Contamination Flow Through the Food Supply Chain - By Compliance Global Inc

This live webinar will provide a much more comprehensive approach that protects food from cross contamination and humans from illness and death.

New Hyde Park, NY, June 21, 2015 --( Overview

Most information and training surrounding food cross contamination is focused primarily on bacteria in the kitchen and the need to separate utensils and the work area of one type of food from another. However, supply chain food and food distribution flows provide much greater opportunities and dangers for cross contamination.

Cross contamination in the kitchen represents the tip of the iceberg and often ignores allergens, pesticides, glutens yeasts, molds and most other adulterants as food moves through distribution channels in shared loads, on dirty pallets and in poorly sanitized trucks. A much more comprehensive approach that protects food from cross contamination and humans from illness and death is required.

Why Should You Attend

With the proposed Food Modernization Act’s rules on the sanitation and safety of human and animal foods, risk reduction and preventive planning become key factors in the food safety and quality arenas. New requirements for food transportation that include improved management practices covering sanitation, pre cool, temperature monitoring, training and record keeping.

The potential for cross contamination from the farm to the display case is significant and must be analyzed and operationally prevented in order to protect human health and prevent death.

The potential for cross contamination begins at the producer and includes all containers used to move food through the supply chain. If chicken residue is left in a truck trailer and that trailer is not appropriately sanitized and tested prior to picking up a load of lettuce, the potential for salmonella to impact the health and lives of hundreds of people are at stake. Molds or yeast left over from one load can impact the next several loads.

Areas Covered in the Session

• Practices for preventing cross contamination in food distribution channels
• Product and services designed to establish a preventive program
• How to upgrade your sanitation, testing, temperature monitoring and record keeping procedures
• Points of potential cross contamination in distribution centers, pick and place operations, packing
houses, trucks, pallets, bins, trays, and other food carrying containers
• FDA FSMA proposed rules on the sanitary transportation of human and animal foods
• Sanitation and temperature controls
• Traceability through logistics processes
• Proposed procedures for company use

Learning Objectives

• Learn to prevent human illness from transportation cross contamination issues
• Recognize when and where cross contamination can occur
• Learn to protect your company from unwary suppliers
• Recognize potential cross contamination sources from the beginning of the supply chain
• Understand the impact of religious cross contamination issues
• Prepare your logistics processes to prevent cross contamination

Who Will Benefit

• Cross Contamination Trainers and Specialists
• Growers
• Shippers
• Food Safety Internal and External Auditors and Audit Team Members
• Shipper Supervisors and Managers
• Sanitation and Temperature Specialists
• Food Carriers and their Drivers
• Food Retailers and Restaurant Chains
• Distribution Center Operations Personnel
• Carrier and Food Transportation Management
• Internal Food Safety and Quality Team Members
• Food Buyers and Supply Chain Qualifiers

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