Integrates Sarhan Capital's Into Its Platinum Platform

Professional money manager, Adam Sarhan’s is now fully integrated into the financial website to provide investors with all the essential tools for trading success.

New York, NY, June 22, 2015 --(’s membership encompasses financial tools and analysis for trading success, but has now gone one step further and is fully integrated with Sarhan Capital’s ChartYourTrade’s members will now have access to Sarhan’s Early Entry Point Signals in Leading Stocks, a weekly list of the strongest performing stocks in the market, and direct access to Sarhan himself for any market related questions.

ChartYourTrade founder and CEO, Michael Lamothe, says, “The ChartYourTrade Community is thrilled to have Adam Sarhan and his service Find Leading Stocks as the crown jewel of the ChartYourTrade Platinum membership.”

Sarhan is a professional money manager who is frequently quoted in the media including CNBC, Barron’s, Fox Business, Wall Street Journal, and other international media outlets. He says, “Find Leading Stocks brings a new perspective to trading than my counterpart Michael Lamothe. I have known Michael now for the past 4 years and feel with his services, along with my analysis, consumers will truly have all the tools they need for their trading success.”

These trading tools include the market’s top leading stocks highlighted with advanced entry points, intra-week updates, a model portfolio, and special reports that highlight developments in currencies, commodities, and a special focus on the strongest stocks in the market broken down by market cap. However, the best new feature being offered is that investors will have direct access to Sarhan himself.

By combining its services with Sarhan, ChartYourTrade continues to raise the bar in the financial community. This innovative venture is another step towards being a one-stop shop for traders, helping them find success charting their trades. was founded in 2013 to provide a sound investing routine that can work well with any trading methodology with the individual part-time investor in mind. Since then, CYT has become one of the fastest growing websites for informative looks in the Stock Market. has free tools available for download as well as Gold and Silver membership packages ranging from a weekly, monthly or annual membership. For more information please visit

Adam Sarhan is the founder and CEO of Sarhan Capital, an investment and advisory firm that offers a suite of services to both institutional and individual investors. Adam coined the term Psychological Analysis for capital markets, which adds an additional component to fundamental and technical analysis. He is also well known for his “Advanced” Entry/Exit signals in leading stocks and in the global macro space. He is frequently quoted on CNBC, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch and other popular media outlets.
Melissa Kuch