Leon Kelly Shares Firsthand Experience of Struggle, Pain and Perseverance in Bold Memoir, "Every Flower Grows Through Mud"

Professional blogger and screenwriter Leon Kelly's memoir, "Every Flower Grows Through Mud," is a painfully honest study of how life's trials and tribulations can make one a stronger, better person. "Every Flower Grows Through Mud" is available wherever books and ebooks are sold.

Swainsboro, GA, June 22, 2015 --(PR.com)-- "This is my story," said Kelly. "It's a little bit embarrassing and a whole lot of messy. I would change some things if I could, but I can't. Life is what it is. I have to find peace with each decision I have made along the way, including the bad ones. I will never regret how much I've learned and grown in the process. Because of these lessons, I have grown into a rare flower. No matter what storms come against me, I will be radiant, lovely and strong."

The book's central metaphors – mud and the deluge that creates it – evoke those persistent, unavoidable struggles that virtually everyone faces. These could be solitary struggles, such as a serious illness or loneliness, or they could represent the bad intentions of others. The important point is that no matter how powerful life's storms, faith and courage can protect one until the sun shines again.

Blossoming gloriously despite struggles and obstacles requires a strong root system; for Kelly, these roots are embodied in faith and family. "Faith is everything," added Kelly. "Faith replaces fear. When we live outside the confines of fear, life opens up. There have been countless times in my own life where others sought to drag me down, to sow fear and doubt in my mind, but I was always able to break free of those chains. Other people only have as much power over us as we allow them – that's perhaps the most important lesson I've learned here on Earth."

"Every Flower Grows Through Mud" shares the good news that everyone is special, and everyone has a unique purpose in the world. Kelly believes that communicating what he's learned with others is his purpose.

Looking ahead, Kelly has plans to travel the nation on an inspirational speaking and book signing tour. In the meantime, he already has several book and screenwriting projects well underway. Among these is a spiritual composition that uses scripture to explain the daily attacks on humanity, to offer an explanation as to why there is so much devastation in the world.

About the Author
Leon Kelly is a native of Swainsboro, Georgia and owner of KellyHead Multimedia. A graduate of Georgia Southern University with a BS in Exceptional Childhood Education, he attended graduate studies at Mercer University and worked as an educator. Leon has also studied business management, filmmaking and screenwriting. In November 2013, he completed his first NYC Marathon. Leon spends his time exploring his creative side. He has plans to write and to produce his life story as well as other movie projects. Leon resides in New York City.
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