Mercedes Remote Starter Now with New Hardware

Smartkey Remote Start Like Before, with Improved Module Design

Bratislava, Slovakia, June 25, 2015 --( Comfort Electronics, Ltd, a veteran in European automotive electronics, is releasing a major hardware upgrade to its existing cliMATE line of an aftermarket Mercedes remote start modules.

The new hardware is based on a powerful digital signal processor able to overview the myriads of data communications present on Mercedes digital information bus, a critical ability needed in order to ad the remote start function to any modern vehicle.

Additionally, to ease the production logistics, the new hardware contains factory exchangeable personality cards. This way the manufacturer can stock one product on shelf and personalize it to customers demands at the time of order. This not only lowers the warehousing cost, but shortens the production time.

A hidden benefit from this approach is that in the case of new Mercedes vehicle designs in the future the company only must develop new personality module, with most of the product ready on shelf today.

Personality modules are not a new invention. While the first impression might be that this increases the hardware cost, the concept simultaneously shortens the software development time by reusing existing code for similar products. It is a common knowledge that software development cost many times more than the hardware development, which is why many manufacturers do not mind slight per piece cost increase in exchange for quicker-to-market solutions.

More information can be found on the website.
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