Florida Sci-Fi Author’s New Post Apocalyptic Novel Debuts July 4th

After a genetic mutation has left the human species sterile and doomed to extinction, the citizens of New Sebastian live long and luxurious lives, thanks to Rejuvenation. But when Jericho and Gabrielle, two specimens from the Rejuvenation supply farm, escape prior to being harvested, the dark truth threatens the existence of the last society on Earth.

Saint Augustine, FL, June 25, 2015 --(PR.com)-- To be released on 7/4/2015, the novel "Immortal" is the second of three novels to be published by IONized Publishing Group from Florida Indie Science Fiction Author, Kelvin Kelley. Set in the far future, the story focuses on two young adults, Jericho and Gabrielle, who spend their simple lives in the Village dreaming of their future together, and barely notice the metallic humanoid Guardians that ensure obedience. But when she scans positive for the plague and is permanently sent away to the mysterious Quarantine, Jericho enters a frantic battle to find and save her.

Jonah and his wife enjoy their carefree lives in New Sebastian, and Rejuvenation every twenty or so years keeps them eternally young and healthy. But when Jonah discovers the dark secret behind their long and privileged lives, he struggles with the bitter choice of continuing to live his long life or facing the horrific discovery head on. As Jonah helps Jericho and Gabrielle attempt to escape, they find that they are on a predefined path which leads to the last hope for the survival of the human species, and the salvation of mankind.

In a recent interview about Immortal, Kelley says, “If faced with the extinction of the species, to what ends would we go? Cloning? Robotics? Mind transfer? Forever, it seems that the lowly cockroach has been assigned the role of the ultimate survivor of earth. I disagree. There is no other survival spirit as strong as that of man. The real dilemma is if such an attitude of survival at all costs would be moral. Would our struggle of finding a way to be Immortal, be in fact, immoral?"

Immortal will debut on July 4th, 2015, for purchase at your favorite book retailer. Kelley’s third book in the three book deal with IPG, VirtuaSacpe, is also available for pre-order, with an announced release date of 11/11/2015. This third science fiction novel will put the age old battle of Christianity and Islam at the forefront. Wife of a presidential candidate, Grace Alexander knows the sacrifices required in a race for the highest office. In a future where candidates face deadly attacks, she reluctantly embraces a new technology that allows her to remotely interact with her family. But when she realizes that her husband may be an imposter, she must choose between her loyalty to him, her family, and the entire country. For more information on these or other titles, or the author, please contact IONized Publishing Group.
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