Crash Course on How to Use the Internet to Locate Reliable Legal Information - by Compliance Global Inc

Live Webinar to understand how the law is structured, to locate legal information online and how to figure out answers about laws and court procedures.

New Hyde Park, NY, June 26, 2015 --( Overview

The Internet is a treasure trove of legal aid services. It is truly unbelievable how informed one can be about the law. Unfortunately, many people still operate on the assumption that it is impossible to decipher the reliability of what is online. Let’s get a handle on what’s reliable and what’s not.

Why Should You Attend

You should attend if you have ever wondered about how the law is structured, or wondered how to locate legal information online. You should attend if you want a quick overview of the legal system under which you live, and how to figure out answers for yourself about laws and court procedures.

Anyone managing a business or working in a business should have a general understanding of the laws that impact his or her work. Failing to have this information can be perilous and can lead to mistakes with legal consequences. In the field of human resources labour laws, employees and managers alike can suffer if they don’t know what the law says about how they operate. Individuals creating businesses can suffer if they don’t know what regulatory agencies list affect their work.

Before engaging in a transaction with legal ramification or taking legal action, make sure you are prepared with a general understanding of the legal effects of what you are doing. Consider what lawyers do and how they do that work. In other words, be prepared.

Information is now at your fingertips—but that information should be harnessed correctly. You are coming if you want to learn how talented legal professionals decide whether or not to rely on publicly available information.

Areas Covered in the Session

• An overview of the structure of our federal and state governments
• The structure of the legal codes
• How to find relevant federal and state law
• How to locate relevant administrative agencies
• What is case law and why is that relevant to me
• How do I know if I can file a class action lawsuit
• What happens if I file a lawsuit
• How to use the Internet for guidance
• How to determine if information online is reliable
• How lawyer use legal information in giving guidance

Learning Objectives

• Before conducting business or filing a lawsuit, make sure you know how the law works that impacts your course of conduct
• You should know the legal structure of the laws that govern what you do, coupled with how to legally address a problem should one arise

Who Will Benefit

• Business Professionals
• Managers
• Employees
• Individuals Considering Starting a Business
• Individuals Considering Substantial Financial Transactions

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