Invite a Cancer Survivor to Your Next Event - Show Your Interest in Your Company Neighborhood

*Every 20 minutes, a son, father or grandfather will die from this disease. This year in the United States 230,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. A new case will occur every 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

Huntsville, AL, June 26, 2015 --( Hank Oprinski, CEO at Capital Partners Limited, is a prostate cancer survivor, who has launched a nationwide tour to inform corporations, golfing communities, economic clubs, universities and other interested civic organizations to be pro-active about prostate cancer.

"I am asking interested organizations to step up to a national challenge and become involved in this event. The tour has been extended through the summer because of an overwhelming demand and because companies have never been reluctant to identify with Capital Partners Limited," said Oprinski.

"Cancer seminars occur across the country, in corporate backyards and even onboard cruise ships. The presentation concept demonstrates that an organization really cares about its neighborhood and the people who dedicate themselves to the prosperity of that organization. It shows involvement and interest because people want to do something to help one another," said a spokesperson for the company.

Oprinski's success as a presenter comes from the personal experience of how he copes as a cancer survivor, involves his family for support and continues to build company success.

His address covers the following topics:

- A partner to help you through challenging times
- Support groups, second opinions, getting to know your body
- Control of your destiny and medical outcome
- Never-spoken-of side effects
- Preventive ways to minimize your risk

What did all the following businessmen have in common?

- Warren Buffett
- Arnold Palmer
- Billy Graham
- Rudy Giuliani
- Earl Woods
- Merv Griffin
- Tom Witter
- Steve Ross

They all had a battle with prostate cancer and the list continues to grow.

Oprinski has worked in 26 countries with a career that has taken him to Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He is the current Managing Partner of and is a recognized guest speaker and seminar instructor of international strategic planning and the author of "Customer Service, the Strategy for the 2000's."

He's definitely the Go-To guy on prostate and CTCL cancers.

To schedule an event or for more information, contact Hank Oprinski at (256) 738-8077 or email

Hank has been featured at, MarketWatch, CNBC, MSN Money and television stations across the nation and will bring a wealth of knowledge to your venue.

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