EDTRIN Forms Exclusive Agreement with UPMHoldings for Development of Virtual College

EDTRIN Group Ltd (EDTRIN) (NSX: ETG) has signed an exclusive agreement with UPMHoldings, a company wholly owned by Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), to enhance the job readiness and employment potential of its graduates.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, June 28, 2015 --(PR.com)-- EDTRIN Group Ltd (EDTRIN) (NSX: ETG) has signed an exclusive agreement with UPMHoldings, a company wholly owned by Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), to enhance the job readiness and employment potential of its graduates.

Under the agreement, EDTRIN will develop digital infrastructure, career focused content and specialist trainers in order to create business enhanced ‘job ready’ graduates through an Employability and Career Services Program (ECSP). In particular, UPMHoldings has agreed:

A. To collaborate with EDTRIN in the development of a Career Development Program to enhance the employment outcomes of UPM graduates. This program, to be jointly developed by both parties, will be marketed globally by EDTRIN Group.

B. To collaborate with EDTRIN Group in the development of vocational ‘Train the Trainer’ programs for delivery to a global market.

C. To collaborate with EDTRIN Group in the development of education and training products and services for delivery to the global Halal market.

The deal was signed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on behalf of UPMHoldings, by Professor Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Nik Mustapha R. Abdullah. The Professor said, “We know this will have huge value for our students.

“Many are talented and, of course, well educated, but have not been offered this kind of innovative bridge into the business world before. The EDTRIN virtual college will increase the return on the education investment for the students and then greatly assist government and corporate enterprises.”

Global CEO of EDTRIN, Graeme Coomber, also commented, saying, “The virtual college will hold real value for the reputation of UPM graduates but it will also reflect well on UPM. Ultimately we will be building the reputation of UPM as an institution of choice through strengthened employability, performances and successes of its alumni.”

Pointing to EDTRIN’s focus on real world outcomes, Mr Coomber added, “EDTRIN and UPMHoldings are undertaking important economy building work here through the job readiness college. We’re closing a gap.

“Creating graduates who are educated and ready for business actually translates to the development of stronger capacity in the region which, in turn, helps ensure sustainable growth. It’s a classic win/win.”

Content developed for the college will focus on localisation, contextualisation, and cultural sensitivities. EDTRIN will ensure specialist trainers are adequately trained to deliver face-to-face components of the virtual college model.

After development of the EDTRIN-UPMHoldings virtual college, EDTRIN will leverage the infrastructure and model, offering a customisable and scalable program to other universities.

Immediate opportunity exists in this regard through the 200 Institutional Members of ASAIHL (Association South East Asian Institutions of Higher Learning) who recently signed a partnership agreement with EDTRIN. ASAIHL has a network of university institutions across 24 countries whose members (including UPM) can benefit from an employability bridge of this kind.

EDTRIN, whose name derives from the convergence of Education, Training and Innovation, is developing an integrated physical / digital education ecosystem designed to assist lifelong personal advancement for individuals through timely, personally relevant educational resources and ongoing career management. Its solution has been designed to provide solutions for students, businesses and governments. The company is developing and delivering more effective training and learning outcomes through smart technology and a better understanding of industry knowledge needs and capability gaps. The process is to continuously refine and innovate educational resources and delivery mechanisms that have business and consumer relevance in today’s rapidly evolving commercial and social landscape.

EDTRIN is run by a management team comprising senior former UNESCO executives, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and experienced education professionals who, between them, have built six online universities and have over 90 years’ experience in delivering disruptive change in the industry.

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