Announcing the Release of "Spirilet," a Suspenseful New Novel

M.A. Belarj, a new name in the fantasy genre, has released his first novel, "Spirilet." Paranormal, mystery, fantasy, and thriller elements abound in the suspenseful tale about a man named Joe and a doll that is struck by lightning—and comes alive.

Hauppauge, NY, June 28, 2015 --( M.A. Belarj recently released Spirilet, a suspenseful novel with many literary elements. This is his debut novel and he is excited to share Spirilet with readers young and young-at-heart.

Joe is bored with his life and on a whim purchases a life-sized doll, which he names Sandra. During a severe storm one night, Sandra, keeping Joe company on a balcony, is struck by lightning. A spirit enters the doll and enables her to talk, move and essentially come to life. Joe asks and he learns the spirit’s name is Spirilet, and she renews his interest in life again. Unfortunately, the wrong person finds out about her and his family ends up in turmoil. Ultimately, Joe has to make some difficult choices, which determine the fate of his niece and Spirilet.

About Spirilet, one reader, Andrew Shaw, states:
"I found every element in this short novel to be interesting: the plot, the characters, the setting. I was drawn in immediately by the description, and was surprised by the ending. While there's a bit of a love story involved, the basic sense of suspense and the level of fantasy kept me turning the pages."

Spirilet is approximately 127 pages long and is available for sale on Amazon for $4.99 in eBook (Kindle) format, and may be offered in additional formats in the future.
M.A. Belarj