Sydion’s Patient People Tracking System is Used for Mass Vaccination Exercise for Pandemic Flu Disaster

Stanislaus County Health Services Agency deploys Sydion’s Mobile Crisis Management Suite® to track patients during a mass vaccination study for the Centers for Disease Control

Austin, TX, December 01, 2007 --( The Stanislaus County Health Services Agency Emergency Preparedness Program deployed Sydion’s Mobile Crisis Management Suite®, an emergency patient/people tracking system, during a mass flu-vaccination exercise at Centenary United Methodist Church in Modesto, California to track over 2700 patients from entry to exit within a four-hour period.

Stanislaus County Health Services Agency offered Free-of-charge flu vaccinations to the public as part of a mass-vaccination exercise made possible through state and federal grant funds. “This may be the best time to get a flu shot this year,” said Nancy Fisher, Assistant Director of HSA Public Health Services and Incident Commander for the vaccination exercise. “Not only is it a chance to get your annual flu shot for free, but this is also an exciting opportunity to help your community prepare for a public health emergency.”

Part of that preparation was the deployment of Sydion’s Wireless Emergency Patient/People Tracking System to track people as they move through the vaccination clinic. “The community support was exciting.” said Nina Johnson, Managing Director of Sydion, LLC. “Over 500 people had arrived almost an hour before the doors opened”.

Community participants had four steps in the process; 1. Receive a bar-code bracelet 2. Begin Registration 3. Complete Registration 4. Receive Free Flu shot. At each step, their bracelet was scanned with mobile wireless PDA’s and at each scanning, the computer updated their record capturing specific data. This provided the Health Services Agency with demographic data such as gender, age and time spent at each station.

The deployment of Sydion’s patient/people tracking system included seventeen wireless handheld computers (PDA’s) sending and receiving data to the main host Command laptop. Sydion’s tracking system was instrumental in providing personnel with real-time metrics to determine the flow of the stations and what additional resources were required. “We were able to capture needed information electronically and make decisions very quickly,” said Renee Cartier, the Agency’s Emergency Manager. “The electronic format enabled us to compile and analyze results more efficiently and effectively.” The time-study data will be submitted to the Centers for Disease Control.

The exercise helped Health Services Agency prepare for a real mass vaccination clinic, which is an important part of the emergency response to a pandemic flu outbreak. Sydion’s Emergency Patient/People Tracking System demonstrated rapid deployment, user control, reliability and ease of use. In addition to HSA, several other community partners participated in the exercise, including Stanislaus County Office of Emergency Services, Modesto Police Department, American Red Cross, Stanislaus Behavioral Health Services, Memorial Medical Center and Doctors Medical Center.


About Stanislaus County Health Services Agency
The Health Services Agency (HSA) is a network of outpatient clinics and public health services located in Stanislaus County, California, about 90 miles east of San Francisco. The HSA is operated by Stanislaus County.

The HSA holds strongly to its vision of "Leading the way to a healthy community" by developing its services with the community, in ways that support community need.

About Sydion’s Mobile Crisis Management Suite®
MCMS® Sydion’s electronic Mobile Crisis Management Suite enables you to remotely scan and track individuals or items in an MCI event or in everyday events. The system contains modules for tracking patients, people and inventory. Data is remotely collected via barcode scanners or magnetic stripe reader equipped handheld units that wirelessly transmit data and camera images to the Command Console server. All data is aggregated and stored in the remote database ready for real-time analysis and reporting.

Sydion, LLC specializes in mobile data collection and information dissemination for evacuee, shelter, patient, animal, asset and inventory tracking with focus on Surge Capacity, Family Reunification, Pandemic Flu Tracking, Triage and Treatment Area Tracking and Field Managed Inventory Tracking. We were formed out of the necessity of the first responder community to have a robust and reliable field data collection system that can be used to collect patient, personnel and equipment information. For more information, please visit or call 714-814-6070.
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