Diamonds for Dogs: A Girl’s Best Friend for Man’s Best Friend.™

There are no limits left to pampering your pooch with diamonds for dogs.

Orange County, CA, December 01, 2007 --( A Girl’s Best Friend for Man’s Best Friend.™ : Is there any limit to pampering your pooch?

A New Luxury Diamond Jewelry Line Designed Exclusively for Pets:
Gothic Dog

Dog lovers around the world rejoice that their precious pups don’t have to “ruff it” anymore. From Orange County, aka the O.C., a region known for affluence, luxury and even excess, comes an haute-couture line of diamond jewelry for animals. The latest statistics indicate that at least 71 million American homes harbor at least one pet, for a total of over 382 million pets. More than 74 million of those pets are dogs. If those numbers aren’t sufficiently impressive, note that the estimated annual spending in 2007 on pets is 40.8 billion dollars (yes, billion . . . with a “b”). Indeed, as the luxury market continues to expand, it seems that no amenity or service is too much for our dogs, cats, and other domestic companions. Facilities, services, and products previously thought to be exclusively the realm of humans, such as spas, massage therapy, and haute couture clothing, have increasingly targeted pets and their indulgent owners.

Into this brave new world of animal luxury steps a new ultra-luxury, pet jewelry company, Gothic Dog. For the animal lovers compelled to adorn their pets with high-end, diamond-encrusted jewelry, or “discerning pet parents,” as founder Jennifer Barber describes them, Gothic Dog announces the introduction of a new line of luxury dog jewelry.

Opulent and, yes, even extravagant, Gothic Dog pet jewelry consists of sophisticated designs and the finest materials, from colored sapphires to colorless diamonds, sterling silver to 14 karat gold. Gothic Dog designs allow clients to pamper their best friend and ensure that he or she mirrors their commitment to fashion and cutting edge accessories. Designed by Jennifer Barber, each piece is intended to celebrate a pet's prominent role in his or her owner’s life. Patrons can select from Gothic Dog’s product line, including sensational charms and the iconic six-carat diamond “Red Carpet Collar,” or commission a custom piece. As Gothic Dog devotees believe: Reward Loyalty.

Gothic Dog's designs come from the personalities of Jennifer's five dogs, Biscuit, Chanel, Gracie, Neige, and Miss Chloe Piddles, as well as the shapes and sights of her travels (both with and without her pack). Each design is distinguished with a geographic name and description of its inspirational provenance. Further, every piece is handmade by a professional jeweler, and marked with Gothic Dog’s initials on the back for authenticity. Gothic Dog is poised to become the next "big thing" on the pet scene, and generate a buzz consistent with the sparkle of Gothic Dog's jewelry.

For more information, call Gothic Dog at 1-310-866-3920 (USA) or +33-1-70-72-59-47 (France), or visit Gothic Dog's website at

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