The Launch of Honest Brands Helpful Profit System

Holly Mann and Davin Ogden release Honest Brands.....helpful marketing profit system

Kimberley BC, Canada, December 02, 2007 --( Recently, Holly Mann (ManncoDesigns) and Davin Ogden (Groovytastic Empire), teamed up and launched the website Honest Brands to help people have online success. This web site was put together with the realization that so many people that would like to break into the internet marketing industry, sometimes, have so many limitations against them when starting out.

Davin first met Holly, by becoming a customer for Holly's best selling book for making money online called Honest Riches. Honest Riches has since gone on to its second version, and now, Holly Mann is busy creating another updated version.

So why create the web site Honest Brands?

Davin, who was appointed administrator of Holly's very popular online forum, and Holly, both started to notice that many members of the forum would come and have no real means to get started online. While Holly does offer very proven methods for starting online without a budget detailed in her best selling book, they have both seen the huge potential by helping people in the creation of the Honest Brands site.

What is meant by not having a means?

People wouldn't have any start up costs for web hosting, or to get an auto responder account and many of the other essential tools to help build online success. While that was one obstacle for many people, many people in certain countries also could not find a way to pay for certain items online using a service such as Paypal.

Holly has always had a real passion for helping people with their online activities. Davin, being one of her first forum members followed suit with Holly and began to help as much as he could as well. Enter the fascinating program by Tim Brocklehurst called Viral Spiral...

When list building legend Tim Brocklehurst released his product My Viral Spiral to the market place, this changed everything. It turned conventional list building and profiting from having a subscriber list on it's head. When Davin, first caught wind of this product he was simply blown away with its capabilities, and he realized very fast how it could be implemented to help so many people.

With this newfound product and his enthusiasm for helping members of Holly's forum, he contacted her immediately. Through a few discussions, Holly and Davin figured out that it would be such a helpful resource for people breaking into the online industry, or even those that had already achieved good levels of success, and they decided to put Honest Brands together.

The Viral Spiral program in which the Honest Brands site is powered by gives people a means to create a list of prospects virally, where in many cases they had no means of doing so before. It is also a targeted list because the squeeze pages and down loadable re-brandable ebooks within the site are always chosen by site owners who can keep it related to one niche. It also allows people to profit from their very own products or affiliate products on the back end. Since it also gives people a way to build their list, it also gives them a chance to form a relationship with their subscribers, which is, the best type of customer base one could have. It is such a powerful helpful system, it's incredible. This was exactly the perfect tool for Holly and Davin to implement in helping people.

Honest Brands by Holly Mann and Davin Ogden is not just a typical Viral Spiral site in some respects though. Davin has been experimenting and implementing other viral aspects into the site to make it the most viral traffic generating site imaginable. He is becoming a viral marketing expert. With the implementations that are being put to work with the site on a continual basis, it is becoming a "viral" list building, profit making and traffic generating marvel.

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