Ayurvedic Consultations in Macedonia, Europe - Dr. Vikram Chauhan's Event

Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD - Ayurvedic), renowned Ayurvedic doctor of Chandigarh, have arranged a consultation event in Macedonia, Europe

Skopje, Macedonia, July 03, 2015 --(PR.com)-- This consultation event was organized in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. This event was performed on 16th -27th June, 2015.

In Macedonia, the people were enthusiastic towards this event, so the consultation was completed with the great success. The excitement towards Ayurveda forced people to come in this consultation, due to which hundreds of people met Dr Vikram for consultation regarding their diseases. After the discussions, diagnosis and the treatment from Dr Vikram, people were really satisfied. Many people are suffering from diseases of heart, kidneys and lungs. The problem of blood pressure and stones is very common among the Macedonia people. Also the values and benefits of Ayurvedic treatment were explained by Dr Vikram to the people of Macedonia.

“The people of Macedonia are intelligent and knows many things about Ayurveda. Discussing with them is a great feeling, as they have questioned about many Indian home remedies als,o, Dr Vikram said.

“The name Ayurveda is not new for them, they know about the famous Indian spices and have started using them, like turmeric, black pepper, ginger, garlic and clove. This was a great experience to be there and educate people about health awareness and provide them best solution for their health issues”, he said.

“People from various adjacent countries like Switzerland, Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Germany, Albania, Bulgaria and Kosovo, came for this consultation program,” Dr. Vikram said.

The Macedonia is beautiful country with beautiful people, the lots of mountains, lakes, old markets, restaurants, museums and National gallery. The changes in the lifestyle in Macedonia is required, because people are dependent upon high protein diet including variety of animal meats. This lifestyle can be dangerous and can be responsible for many health problems like high cholesterol, diabetes, fatty liver and many more. There is one more commonly seen habit which is spoiling their health that is smoking, which can results into health issues like lung cancer, heart problems and atherosclerosis.

“As an Indian Ayurvedic specialist, I can say with proud that Ayurveda is showing great impact in many countries and healing lots of people around,” he added.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan is an MD in Ayurveda, practicing Ayurvedic medicines at Chandigarh from almost two decades. His office is in Mohali for the last year, where he is dealing with the patients of metastatic cancers, auto-immune disorders, severe rheumatism, asthma, stroke, kidney failure and liver disorders. He is well known for providing consultations to the herbal companies and also he is guiding people throughout the world through internet. He has been followed by thousands of people on social networking sites. The presentations about health and small videos of home remedies car getting popular at social networking sites. He has written a book, “Ayurveda, God manual for healing,” which is quite popular.

His own healing center is in Mohali, helping many people daily to get rid of their health issues. His company name is Planet Ayurveda, located also in Mohali where the herbal manufacturing unit is established. Many products of Planet Ayurveda are getting distributed throughout world as they are in great demand. The quality and the potency of these medicines is quiet high, which is the major reason of the popularity of Planet Ayurveda. Due to the huge demand of Ayurvedic products of Planet Ayurveda in foreign countries, the daily exportation of medicine to many countries is done.

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