QNAP Network Digital Surveillance System Successfully Launched in Dream Mall

The leading storage and surveillance provider QNAP Systems, Inc. has launched one of the most successful network digital surveillance systems in Asia's largest multi-functional shopping complex, the Dream Mall.

Xizhi City, Taiwan, December 02, 2007 --(PR.com)-- QNAP VioGate series and VioServers are installed with hundreds of cameras for a complete security monitoring. QNAP NAS servers are adopted for reliable data storage and recording backup to provide a total surveillance and storage solution and enhance the safety of the Mall and their customers.

The QNAP digital surveillance system is designed with scatted architecture and central monitoring. In the initial establishment, 600 cameras and VioGates are set up for monitoring across different locations. To set up 600 cameras in the Mall, 600 coaxial cables were needed for the wiring. With QNAP network surveillance system, only 30 fiber cables are required, and 10 of those are redundant cables. Moreover, the length of coaxial cables required for traditional monitoring system is about 240,000 m. With the scattered architecture of QNAP digital surveillance system, only UTP network cables of about 6,000 m long are sufficient for the setup of the surveillance system. This minimizes the cost of establishment.

The digital surveillance system in the Dream Mall provides outstanding expansion capability. The number of cameras can be increased to 2,000. Also, the digital recording data can be stored, managed, and played back via web-based management interface. Electronic map (E-map) is supported for graphical control and monitoring of multiple locations from different monitoring centers. According to Mr. Peace Kuo, Product Manager of QNAP, "The digital surveillance system incorporates QNAP surveillance and storage products for redundant recording. The main recording data are stored in the built-in hard drives of the video server, and the backup recordings are saved to the remote QNAP NAS. With QNAP surveillance and NAS products, users can be benefited from the solution of high performance surveillance and reliable storage and backup of recording data."

About QNAP surveillance series
VioGate-140 is featured with motion-JPEG encoding technology and adopts the most stringent industrial level standards to ensure the highest reliability for even the most mission-critical surveillance purposes. With a Linux embedded operation system, VioGate-140 completely eliminates incompatibility problems commonly seen in PC based solutions, while offering extreme simplicity for installers as well as system integrators. VioGate-340 applies advanced MPEG-4 compression technology, which transforms analog signal to digital data, and employs MPEG-4 IC to compress video immediately. VioGate-340 provides Full-D1 (720x480) resolution, such as DVD video and 30 frames per second real-time image. QNAP also offers complete NVR (networked video recorder) solutions. For more details, please visit http://www.qnap.com/pro_detail_feature.asp?p_id=80

QNAP All-in-one NAS Server Series works well with QNAP surveillance products. They surpass general entry-level servers with only basic network drive functions in providing diversified application server functions via easy-to-manage web-based interface. These functions include network storage, file server, encrypted FTP server, encrypted remote replication, printer server, etc. The powerful backup software NetBak Replicator is provided for users to back up data on multiple PCs to NAS. QNAP also supports Windows AD service for centralized data management to reduce the data maintenance cost of SMB and corporate users. The built-in digital home theatre functions are supported, e.g., music sharing via iTunes server, and highly compatible DLNA media streaming server for playing videos, music, and photos on TV via streaming from Digital Media Adaptor, PS3, or Xbox360 game consoles. Furthermore, the network album provides a user-friendly platform for sharing photos with friends and family. QNAP NAS series also support PC-less BT, HTTP, and FTP download. The included QGet software can be used to manage the download tasks of multiple NAS servers over LAN or WAN.

QNAP Systems, Inc.
Rei Chan