Syncdocs Simplifies Deploying Google Drive in the Enterprise

New tool lets administrators remotely configure and roll out Google Drive clients.

Sydney, Australia, July 03, 2015 --( Syncdocs today announced a new tool that greatly simplifies the automated deployment of Google Drive and Apps.

Since its release, the Google Apps suite for business has proven a viable alternative to Microsoft Office for many businesses, large and small, with a current user count in excess of 300 million. However, in the enterprise, Google Drive, the file sync and share component of Google Apps, has proven difficult for IT administrators to manage and deploy.

Syncdocs is a new Google Drive sync app that gives corporate users more control over Google Drive. It replaces the default Google sync client with an enhanced one, adding many additional enterprise features.

Its fully scripted automatic deployment allows for hassle free rollout of Google Drive to the desktop. Administrators can specify the user’s drives, multiple folders and network volumes to sync, even if these are non-standard and change from user to user. Account and specific data access controls are also easily automated making for a smooth and reliable deployment.

“Deploying Syncdocs made using Google Drive much less-error prone and more reliable,” says Chris Hickford CIO of INV Health Solutions. “Furthermore, the end-to-end encryption provided by Syncdocs allows us to securely use the cloud for patient data, while remaining HIPAA compliant.”

Syncdocs also runs from, and syncs to, removable drives, making hot-desking operations much easier. It also fully supports Terminal Server environments and also allows each user to sync multiple Google accounts concurrently.

Syncdocs is available now as a free trial from

About Syncdocs
Syncdocs has been providing enterprise level Google Apps and Drive solutions for since 2010. It recently won PC World’s top 100 products of the year.
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