PastureLand SummerGold Receives the Sante’ Gold Star for Exceptional Merit

Dodge Center, MN, December 02, 2007 --( Sante’, the magazine for restaurant professionals, awarded a Gold Star for Exceptional Merit to PastureLand Cooperative’s unsalted SummerGold Butter in its October American Butter judging.

The Sante’ judges evaluate premium and artisanal products that can benefit professional cooking, and the butter panel judges praised both varieties of the butter that Chef Alex Roberts, owner of Minneapolis’ Restaurant Alma and Brasa Rotisserie, proclaimed “Pure gold – without peer in my kitchen.”

Recognizing PastureLand’s grass-fed “Gorgeous yellow color”, “sweet nutty flavor”, and “dense, hand-churned style” Sante’ highlighted some of the same qualities that chef and author Jeremiah Tower found in “the best domestic butter in America.”

The PastureLand farmers pride themselves on their superior pasture management, and although they would never toss around the fancy foody terms seen in Sante’, would be the first to agree that PastureLand SummerGold butters have “more terroir than others”. When the wind kicks up, and the pastures are resting over the cold winter in southeastern Minnesota, it is the butter’s “vivid yellow color and fresh cream flavor” that reminds them of summer and why they love farming.

PastureLand is a farmer owned cooperative of grass based dairy farms in southeastern MN. PastureLand members allow their cows to harvest their own feed from their carefully managed pastures, grazing fresh pasture for twelve hours before the cows are moved to the next fresh pasture. They are housed outdoors year-round and produce milk that is rich and distinctive…much like the milk of European dairies. The butter and cheeses resulting from Pastureland farmers' care is reflected in the quality of the products—including seven ribbons over four years at the American Cheese Society's annual competition.

Each of PastureLand’s farms is inspected and certified by Midwest Organic Services Association ( and also by Food Alliance, ( a third party certification program that evaluates farms based on a range of environmental and sustainability indicators.

PastureLand Cooperative
Steve Young-Burns