Entamio Signs Perpetual Licence Deal with EDTRIN for Learning Management System

EDTRIN Group Ltd (EDTRIN), has finalised a Perpetual Licence Agreement with Australian Registered Training Organisation, Entamio Corporate Services Pty Ltd.

Melbourne, Australia, July 08, 2015 --(PR.com)-- EDTRIN Group Ltd (EDTRIN), has finalised a Perpetual Licence Agreement with Australian Registered Training Organisation, Entamio Corporate Services Pty Ltd.

Entamio is registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority to deliver vocational education and training services. Entamio is a core division of parent company, Entamico Enterprises Australia Ltd (previously known at TAM Enterprises Limited), an enterprise providing financial solutions, corporate networking and brokerage services as well as training and education.

Before the Perpetual Licence agreement was struck with EDTRIN, Entamio was using the LMS in order to effectively control student access and data management, under a ‘pay-per-use’ model. Under the new licence agreement with Entamio, a single payment to EDTRIN supersedes the ‘pay-per-use’ model and allows Entamio ongoing and perpetual use of the current LMS within its group of companies.

Entamio CEO, Joanne Brooks, was immediately attracted to the Perpetual Licence agreement and its benefits to her business, saying, “We know and use the LMS system and so we understand how well it performs for our needs. As soon as we saw the offer, we calculated that the Perpetual Licence agreement would allow us to save significant capital over the medium to long term, so it’s a great arrangement for us.”

Damian O’Sullivan, Chief Education Officer for EDTRIN stated that while the deal was beneficial to Entamio, it was also of dual benefit to EDTRIN. He said, “The upfront payment model that is our Perpetual Licence agreement means that we do not have to wait for the benefit of pay-per-use fees.

“The capital injection is upfront, and this suits our strategic goals and business objectives. So we both win on this one.

“I’m very happy to say that this deal with Entamio marks another milestone between the companies and bodes well for a longer term, sustainable, mutually beneficial relationship.”

EDTRIN, whose name derives from the convergence of Education, Training and Innovation, is developing an integrated physical / digital education ecosystem designed to assist lifelong personal advancement for individuals through timely, personally relevant educational resources and ongoing career management. Its solution has been designed to provide solutions for students, businesses and governments. The company is developing and delivering more effective training and learning outcomes through smart technology and a better understanding of industry knowledge needs and capability gaps. The process is to continuously refine and innovate educational resources and delivery mechanisms that have business and consumer relevance in today’s rapidly evolving commercial and social landscape.

EDTRIN is run by a management team comprising senior former UNESCO executives, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and experienced education professionals who, between them, have built six online universities and have over 90 years’ experience in delivering disruptive change in the industry.

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