A Must Read Book Just Released About the Life and Times of a "Hippie" During the 1960s, Represents an "Historical" Autobiographical Document

Presenting a must-read book about the life and times of a runaway teen, who was living on the streets of San Francisco in the 1960s and “turning on, tuning in and dropping out”: Autobiography of a Hippie: 1964 through 1969.

Sausalito, CA, December 02, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Author D. C. Totten releases his autobiography about the experiences he had in the 1960s as a runaway “flower child” of the “psychedelic era”.

It is a first-person detailed description of what it was like to be “foot-loose and fancy-free” during a time when so much was going on in the world that was changing people so dramatically.

His story begins at the age 14 in 1964, as a violent alcoholic father, almost murders him. That led to his running away from home the summer of 1964. It began a cycle of running away, getting caught and returned home, then running away again, until becoming ensnared in the “legal system” and being branded as an “incorrigible”, subsequently being sent to a “reform school”. Getting into even more trouble there; landed him in Camarillo State Hospital in 1965 to spend his entire 15th year there {he also writes extensively about all of the horrors of that experience.}. Eventually, he became an “emancipated minor” in January of 1966 at the age 16, and hit the streets of Los Angeles to start the process of becoming a “hippie”. That led to traveling all through the US and Canada and exploring the “counter culture” places there, including the “Village” in NYC and the “Haight Ashbury” in San Francisco during the “summer of love”. which has just had the 40th anniversary of that event. This book describes in great detail what it was like back then, and what it was like to “trip out” on LSD. It is a straightforward and “no holds barred” personal documentary, that can be graphic, and at times, “adult” in nature.

It is full of what a “Ken Kesey acid-test” type of hippie experienced back then, written in a lucid and concise way. It does feature descriptions of the “free love” era, and contains many “mature” situations and “adult” language, so it may not be appropriate for children to read. However, for those interested in “the sixties”, it is a must read.

This book was written over a period of several years by the author, who was encouraged by many of his friends to put onto paper all of the stories he often reflected on to those friends.

Mr. Totten made a supreme effort to be as truthful and accurate, about all he wrote about in this book, to make it a real “documentary” style of work. It contains many interesting accounts about events of those days, like concerts and demonstrations against the Viet Nam War that he attended, that have historical significance and are seen from the vantage point of being there then.

Mr. Totten presented his book online at:
www.lulu.com and is available there for those interested in reading it at: www.lulu.com/content/1284831

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The author D. C. Totten was born on January 17th, 1950 in Berlin, Germany. He is the son of a US Army father and a German Jew mother. He is currently residing in Sausalito, California and works as a music editor. He can be reached at:
andromedamusic@juno.com or andromedia@netzero.net

D. C. Totten
Christopher Totten