Susan Wingate, a Formidable Presence in Poetry

The art of writing, the poetic nature of self-expression and reflection... Susan Wingate is proving herself a presence to be reckoned with not only in fiction with her latest novel, Of the Law ($21.95, Sixteen Cat Tails Publishing), but also in poetry.

Seattle, WA, December 03, 2007 --( Susan Wingate, author of Of the Law ($21.95, Sixteen Cat Tails Publishing) is proving her poetic talent through the written word. The American Drivel Review (a quarterly-published independent journal of literary humor founded in 2004) has selected not only one but two of Susan Wingate's works of poetry.

The editors of the American Drivel Review (ADR) have put forth that "humor holds an unexamined place in the literary world or, at worst, that the place of humor is one of an emaciated, flesh-eating cousin, locked in the attic to subsist solely on the occasional stray bat." The American Drivel Review also has an online presence called, The Electronic Drivel Review.

Wingate's two poems selected by the ADR are entitled, "What It Means" and "It's No Fault of Mine I Have No Breasts." These satiric works push Susan Wingate to the forefront of humor writing but mostly humor writing in a poetic fashion, a very obscure beast to master, and Wingate does it with a sense of ease. Look for Wingate's poems in the 2007 winter issue and the 2008 spring issue of The American Drivel Review.

Wingate continues to promote her latest novel published by Sixteen Cat Tails Publishing while chalking up more honors. About her recent successes she says, "I'm a writer. I should be getting publication credits. Publication credits are part of doing my job and, if I'm at all good, I'd better get them or else what am I doing calling myself a writer, right?"

Wingate's attitude exemplifies her modesty about her work. Of the Law has recently garnered fabulous reviews and you can read them by checking out the website:

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