Customers Praise the Diversity of HAGA’s 105 Varieties Heirloom Seed Bank

Incline Village, NV, July 11, 2015 --( More customers of Home and Garden America's 105 Varieties Heirloom Seed Bank have recently expressed their impressions on the product. Many have commended the company for providing a wider range of vegetable seeds. With a count of over 19,635 seeds, this heirloom seed bank lets gardeners grow multiple vegetable varieties and enjoy more food choices at home.

"The variety of these seeds is just spot on. It's not a bunch of weird stuff like some other seed packs. It has all the vegetable varieties I need, and more" a customer said on

"It is crucial to buy true-to-type varieties when you're thinking in terms of survival supplies. Seeds that are free from hybridization and genetic engineering are always the best and healthiest option. I'm impressed by HAGA's seed pack because every single variety was well thought out for survival purposes," another Amazon customer remarked.

"These survival seeds were all packed properly. It also came with some useful instructions on how to store them for a more secure seed vault. This pack has the best variety I could find online, and there's more than enough for my garden and survival seed supply," a third customer added.

The favorable feedback from the public has been a source of inspiration for everyone at Home and Garden America, especially for Chuck Harmon—the company's CEO and Founder.

"I'm so happy to hear of the great results that our customers are having with our product. So many of our other valued customers have commented about the same thing—that these seeds perform and offer lots of variety. We go to a lot of effort to find, package, and sell only the finest seeds available anywhere so it's rewarding to hear from people who have trusted us with their garden outcome," said Harmon.

More information on this topic is available at Home and Garden America’s website.

Chuck Harmon has been writing about vegetable gardening for many years. He enjoys reading, traveling, and growing heirloom survival seeds in his home garden.
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