Lyrical Images: Poet and Photographer Releases “Images of My Heart”

American multi-media artist Laurel Wilson combines poetry and photography in this exciting new work. With the theme "Love gives," it has broad appeal for the gift season.

Tucson, AZ, December 03, 2007 --( American multi-media artist Laurel Wilson combines poetry and photography in this exciting new work. Her photographs reveal a discerning eye and a wonderful keenness for enduring themes in widely different settings.

Photographed in Japan, Mexico, California, Arizona, Wyoming, Georgia, and Rhode Island, the images are not travelogue but visual poetry. In one section, curves in beach sand mirror curves both in desert rock and barbequed trout.

Ms. Wilson’s intuitive grouping of visual forms parallels her poignantly clear written images. A photograph of a simple hand-painted wooden grave marker of a six year old girl who died in a small California gold mining town over a hundred years ago is a story in itself. Paired with a haiku of disintegrating fall leaves bustling in the wind, it evokes dual images of the beauty and frailty of life.

Ms. Wilson is also a novelist, playwright, painter, jewelry designer, sculptor, and martial artist. She hopes one day to “surrender [her] life to art,” a dream she may well realize. She is currently developing a parcel of desert into a model “green” home with a dojo and art studio. has afforded Ms. Wilson and her fledgling publishing company Rumor and Paris Press the opportunity to publish and reach a global market in a meaningful way. She says, “There is art, literature, and humanity in the ‘e’ world. That little ‘e’ energizes and extends human connections. For an artist, it’s a dream come true.”

“Images of My Heart” is available at:

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Laurel Wilson is 39 years old and lives with her daughter near Tucson, AZ. She works as a teacher of English and Special Education. Find her books, follow her blog, and email her at:
Rumor and Paris Press
Laurel Wilson