RMD Technologies, Inc. (RMDT) Begins Trading on NASDAQ

RMD Technologies, Inc. (RMDT) a six year old recycling company based in Southern California begins trading on NASDAQ.

Holtville, CA, December 03, 2007 --(PR.com)-- RMD Technologies, Inc. (RMDT) www.RMDTech.com has successfully met the requirements to be listed on NASDQ and has begun trading under the symbol “RMDT”.

RMDT is an electronics recycling company headquartered in Imperial County, CA. Founded in 2001, RMDT has been a pioneer in California’s efforts to deal with mounds of discarded computers, monitors, printers and televisions that were filling the states landfills in rising numbers. The company serves private industry, municipalities, schools, hospitals and non-profit organizations throughout the state.

“We have always had a “no landfill” policy, RMDT CEO Patrick Galliher said, “This listing will position us to expand our existing operations and further develop our processes that keep these items from being land filled or dumped into third world countries.”

RMDT’s expansion will help to meet the demand created by an increased public awareness of the need to properly handle and process this potentially hazardous waste. RMDT has developed proprietary methods of processing the components contained within most consumer electronics, conserving the precious natural resources that would be used in making products from virgin materials. Nearly 2.2 million tons of electronic waste was disposed of nationwide in 2005, with less than 350,000 tons recycled. The remainder went primarily into landfills. Unfortunately, a large part of the 350,000 tons “recycled” ended up in Asia or Africa, creating an environmental mess.

“Our listing on NASDQ is the first step in RMDT’s goal to change the way the E-Waste industry has operated since its inception. The end of life handling of your E-Waste has more potential pitfalls and liability than the initial equipment purchase,” Galliher continued “America’s CEO’s and IT Directors are just beginning to learn the true costs of poor data security and improper E-Waste handling procedures. RMDT’s processes ensure Regulatory Compliance and reduce or eliminate a company’s exposure to this liability.”

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RMD Technologies, Inc.
Patrick A. Galliher, CEO