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Stavanger, Norway, July 15, 2015 --( Friend Software Labs announces a new platform neutral Operating System
Based in Stavanger and Oslo, Friend Software Labs (FSL) develops new software technologies based on the Friend Unifying Platform (FriendUP).

FriendUP is a new OS for desktops, TVs and mobile devices that runs on top of any host OS – enhancing and combining the functionality and capabilities with other devices. By using a network of software cores, it can use the whole internet as “hardware.” FriendUP is designed for all users with the aim to reduce complexity and help them get control and ownership of their digital life. FriendUP gives its users the possibility to create their own “macro computer” network across all platforms, while keeping the user interface simple.

“FriendUP makes it possible to link many different computers into a single desktop without having to worry about integration. It is OS agnostic and sits on top of all other OS’. As a result, you get full portability and can access your e-mail, calendars, tasks, pictures, files etc. from one interface – on any screen - any device – and be “home” the instance you are connected. You can start working on one surface, and then continue on another,” says Arne Peder Blix, the company’s CEO.

Having worked on the project for 17 months, Friend Software Labs is now ready for Kickstarter, reaching out to developers and users alike. By focusing on distributed information processing and storage, users can deploy FriendUP at the very base of their digital infrastructure. End users get a mobile home on the internet where they can access all their files and applications, using a secure connection with safe storage. Developers using FriendUP can develop software across all platforms with one interface.

“One of the goals of the project is to give everybody the possibility to establish their own 'macro computer' network. A decentralized super computer gives you access to unlimited CPU power and storage space at the same time as it gives you access to services wherever they are found,” says Hogne Titlestad, the Founder and Chief Architect of Friend Software Labs.

Each user can discover resources and services on the network just like finding network printers. They can choose which of their own services they want to share. Everything is elevated through FriendUP (by abstraction).

The desktop and mobile apps are one and responsive, like modern web pages. This means that they are suited for all screens and devices. The apps are as easy to develop as web pages - but can tap into the power of our kernel servers - where their processing can be optimized with high performance native code, or a range of scripting languages.

“In other words, our system works by having the GUI in the browser, or on the phone, while the non Javascript processing is done on the server kernels, or Friend Cores,” says Hogne.

The system has a strong focus on security and encryption, and is developed as an open source project - with a commercial strategy (dual licensing).

Friend Software Labs is currently running a Kickstarter campaign and the link to this and more information about FriendUP can be found on: your-digital

You can find a lot of information on our website:
We would very much like to talk to you. We need to get this message out. The project has a lot of implications, for both users and developers.
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