Class Act Books Announces July Releases

Port Townsend, WA, July 17, 2015 --( July's releases from Class Act Books feature another entry in the Dark Urban Fantasy series The Second Species as well as Science Fiction and Horror. They are: Dragon: The Tower of Tamerlane by James Austin McCormick, Shadow Law by Tony-Paul de Vissage, and Fear the Sky by Rick McQuiston

Shadow Law, Book 5 in the Second Species series, continues the story of the Strigoi clan's pursuit of Mircea Ravagiu, murderer of their family and the reason they were exiled from their Carpathian home. In this novel, the pursuers and the pursued finally come face-to-face.

Tony-Paul de Vissage currently has seventeen novels published with Class Act Books. Book 1 in the Second Species series was voted one of the Top Ten horror novels of 2013 by Preditors & Editors Readers Choice.

Dragon: The Tower of Tamerlane by James Austin McCormick is another Sillow the Sylvan novel. In this one, the diminutive alien con man gets a new partner, a no-nonsense amazon with a cybernetic arm and a ruby-laser eye.

Mr. McCormick has written two other Dragon novels for Class Act Books, Dragon and Dragon: Smuggler's Tales, plus the Sword and Sorcery tale, The Last Synn.

Fear the Sky by Rick McQuiston is a horror novel with science fiction overtones in which a small mountain tourist attraction is taken over by an entity from Hell. This is his second novel for Class Act Books. His first When Only the Nightmare Remains, was acclaimed by critics who gave it a 5-star rating.

Class Act Books went under new ownership in 2013, specializing in all writing genres from Romance to Horror. It features award-winners such as Toni V. Sweeney, Bill Russell, Icy Snow Blackstone, and Tony-Paul de Vissage among its authors.
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