Award-Winning Author, Robert Thornhill, Releases "Lady Justice and the Conspiracy"

Author Robert Thornhill releases "Lady Justice and the Conspiracy," volume #21 in his Lady Justice mystery/comedy series.

Independence, MO, July 20, 2015 --( Are we being poisoned?

That’s the question author Robert Thornhill asks in "Lady Justice and the Conspiracy," volume 21 in his award-winning Lady Justice mystery series, just released on Amazon.

Those fluffy white trails crisscrossing the sky --- some say they are simply water vapor frozen into crystals. Others say they are deadly chemicals, some of which are for military defense, and others to control the weather and the world’s food supply.

Are the chemtrails really part of a clandestine government conspiracy? Four people believe so, and claim they have proof, but each of their lives comes to a tragic and mysterious end before they can offer their proof to the world.
Join Private Investigator, Walt Williams, as he searches for the truth and looks for clues to explain the untimely deaths.

Eric James writes, “Robert Thornhill has no fear when it comes to tackling enormous issues. He once again took on a very delicate and controversial subject, tackled it from all sides, exposed the inner workings of a conspiracy, and escaped cleanly out the other side.

“If this book doesn’t get you thinking about what is going on in our world, then you need to take off the blinders and look up.

“In Lady Justice and the Conspiracy, he takes on the biggest topic in all his books so far, yet still manages to present the facts, stay objective, and all the while weaving a thrilling and intriguing fictional story.”

Robert began writing at the ripe old age of 66 and in six years has penned twenty-one novels in the Lady Justice series, the seven volume Rainbow Road series of chapter books for children, a cookbook and a mini-autobiography.

During the past year, eight volumes in the Lady Justice series reached the #1 rank in the book’s category on Amazon.
Robert Thornhill