US Beverage Net Continues Its Progress with Hooters

Signs Hootwinc, a Hooters franchisee with 23 locations in CA, WA, and OR

Syracuse, NY, December 05, 2007 --( Continuing its momentum with the Hooters concept, US Beverage Net (USBN) today announced the signing of a contract with Hootwinc, LLC, a franchisee of Hooters of America, Inc. Hootwinc becomes the second Hooters franchisee to implement USBN’s draft beer monitoring solution and will initially roll out the service at its West Covina, CA and Oxnard, CA locations. USBN recently rolled out its services to the Houston region of Hooters Texas Wings, another Hooters franchisee.

USBN’s success with the Hooters concept comes as no surprise since beer and wine account for 23% of Hooters sales companywide. The company provides a patent-pending beverage monitoring solution accurately monitors ounces of draft beer poured, and compares that with ounces sold from the point-of-sale (POS) register. The data generated by this web-based system allows restaurant operators to reduce draft beer losses due to spillage, over-pours, and giveaways, resulting in significant additions to the bottom-line.

"We have already had a lot of success and delivered tremendous value to Hooters Texas Wings. We will continue to work hard to deliver similar results to Hootwinc,” said Josh Solomon, Director of Sales for USBN. “Our extensive experience with this particular restaurant concept will help us quickly and efficiently replicate results for other Hooters operators." Hooters of America operates and franchises more than 435 Hooters restaurants in about 44 states and approximately 22 countries. The company operates about 120 locations and franchises the rest.

About Hootwinc, LLC
Hootwinc, LLC is a Hooters restaurant franchisee since 1993. Hootwinc owns and operates 23 Hooters restaurants in CA, WA, and OR including Washington's first Owl Club Casino.

About US Beverage Net, Inc.
US Beverage Net, Inc. (USBN) is “the” beverage monitoring and data-management company that offers web-based inventory control, data research, and marketing solutions to a customer and supply chain network consisting of high volume bars, restaurants, concessionaires, distributors, and suppliers. Established in July 2005, USBN offers a patent-pending solution that enhances beverage inventory control efficiencies and maximizes profits by reducing beverage waste and loss. By tracking ounces of draft beer flow and sales in real time, the USBN solution reduces variances (difference between ounces poured and sold), offers improved inventory management, and tracks brand performance in real time.

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