Building Material Reuse

As the construction industry begins to use green building techniques, online company supplies free resource for product reuse.

Denver, CO, December 05, 2007 --( Colorado based company, has created a free market place for homeowners, contractors, and do-it-your-selfers to buy, sell, and trade their salvage materials. With the construction industry supplying a large percentage of the waste in local landfills, Builder2Builder has created a free service for posting these materials and allowing builders to sell their supplies. Whether you have an antique fixture, un-opened materials or extras from a project, the makers of this site have provided a place for the sale and a way for builders to become more environmentally conscience.

Founder Doug Hayes, started the company because as a contractor he had a great deal of extra supplies from previous jobs. In a recent interview Hayes stated “To date there is not really a site like us, specializing in surplus building materials. All the development going on creates so much excess waste and most of it goes to landfills. As the construction industry moves forward, our site creates a place where these goods can be sold and re-used by builders and homeowners.”

Since its beginning the site has contributed to the sale of hundreds of posted goods and visits from thousands of web users. Offering several services to its members, Builder2Builder has created a feature for stores to post pictures of their storefronts and list their full inventory. This feature has been popular with many smaller used building material stores as well as Habitat for Humanity Re-Use stores. “The storefront feature allows stores to not only list as many things as they would like, it also creates a pretty powerful free marketing tool,” states Hayes.

The site also boasts a variety of services that seem to set it apart from current online selling sites. The web designers have installed a program that does not allow any spam to be sent to its members. This ground breaking program only allows relevant messages to pass through, so no buyers or sellers can be bothered by illegal spamming practices. Builder2Builder has also installed a shipping option making sales more affordable and easier by offering a program that takes bids from different shipping companies in order to create the best option for the user. Hayes has also informed us that coming soon there will be weekly top ten lists giving construction advice.

As the site grows daily with listings and popularity, the necessity for a service such as this becomes more and more clear. With construction waste making up a large percentage of total landfill usage, the timing couldn’t be better. Hayes has created a place where contractors like himself can go to sell their supplies, be environmentally friendly and profit all through the same free service. is the free market place for product reuse, salvage and waste reduction.

Joel Hayes
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