Mosnar Communications Inc Announce PR What’s Out, What’s In, What’s New 2008?

PR firm tells what will be the PR trends for the upcoming year 2008.

Atlanta, GA, December 05, 2007 --( Mosnar Communications, Inc a luxury PR and global marketing firm today announced what will be the public relations trends for 2008. Citing for public relations, What’s Out, What’s In, and What’s New for 2008. The PR firm specializes in high end luxury PR services, events, and products for celebrities, real estate, fashion, beauty, entertainment, and more.

According to Mosnar Communications, Inc public relations practices have to adjust to market conditions. The PR firm stresses that in 2008 it will be vital to understand how to find industry niches and capture target audiences for survival.

“The PR industry will take on new forms in 2008 and those who will be the most successful will learn to apply creative practices,” stated CR Cataunya Ransom, Cofounder, Mosnar Communications, Inc.

PR What’s Out, What’s In, What’s New 2008?

1. What’s Out? Expensive Wire Distributions – The days of paying for expensive press release wire distribution services are out. Today many free wire distribution services offer the same exposure as paid for press release distribution services. Try,, or all of these services offer free press release wire distribution services.

2. What’s In? Social Media Networking – It has now become just as important to create a name for yourself online as well as offline. Writing promotional articles, joining online communities (YouTube, MySpace) etc.

3. What’s Out? Faking Hype – Adding fake hype to a news story or tip to receive publicity is out. Find a true newsworthy storyline as opposed to adding fake hype.

4. What’s In? Stronger Media Relationships – It will be more important than ever to secure and build stronger media relationships.

5. What’s New? PR Industry Co-opting – Form alliances with others that add value and help you to gain stronger media exposure.

6. What’s New? DotMobi Mobile PR – Utilize mobile communications to connect and gain exposure. Implement mobile websites and mobile email communications.

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