Toy Tips Trusted “Mark of Excellence” Awarded to Safety Brainiac

Safety Brainiac caps off 2007 with the Toy Tips Trusted “Mark of Excellence” award. Adding this highly regarded Toy Industry award to the total makes eight for this unique, fun-filled board game. Helping children learn how to stay safe has never been this much fun or so easy.

Halifax, Canada, December 05, 2007 --( Safety Brainiac – Junior Edition© “made the grade” by earning an “A” rating from the toy testers at The Toy Research Institute and Marianne Szymanski’s Toy Tips Inc. organization. Their “no fee” toy testing program carefully assesses each product submission and evaluates its “play value” based upon four developmental areas for children; Physical Skills; Emotional Development, Intellectual Skills; and Social Skills. Receiving an overall grade of “A”, Safety Brainiac has, once again, proven that it is one of the very best board games on the market today.

“It’s been a banner year for awards for Safety Brainiac© and capping off the year by winning the Toy Tips Trusted Mark of Excellence award is truly the icing on the cake,” shares Tamara Purcell, VP of Operations. “We’re so very pleased with the honors bestowed upon the game this year and are now working hard to capitalize on all of the great PR the game has received to increase consumer awareness and grow sales.”

The hallmark of this game has to be the fun and innovative way that children are challenged to learn how to stay safe from the dangers they can encounter everyday. The game’s unique and colorful design is filled with life saving tips and techniques for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old. It features a great puzzle, 360 challenging safety questions and built-in rewards for the children. The game’s focus is on having fun while learning how to stay safe against bullies, internet predators, strangers, fires, poisons and covers pedestrian and biking safety and much more. After all, it is a proven fact that children learn best when they are having fun and engaged in the learning process. Safety Brainiac© is up to the challenge of providing families with an activity that is funfilled, highly educational and epitomizes “quality family time.”

“There is so much good that can come from this game and independent toy testers throughout the United States have seen the value and good this game has to offer,” adds Tamara. “Any game or toy that has been honored with 8 Toy Industry Awards in one year has proven it was no fluke. In fact, if anything, the game has proven that it deserves to be in the homes of any family with children between 5 and 12 years old.”

Brainiac Games Inc. has certainly made an impression on parents, children, teachers and toy testers alike with the release of Safety Brainiac – Junior Edition©. It will be interesting to watch as the company continues to spread the word about this game and broadens its lineup of high quality, funfilled, educational games with new releases slated for 2008.

Brainiac Games Inc.
Jamey Purcell