SysLOCATE Announces Launch of S3000i GPS Vehicle Tracking Unit

With the release of the SysLOCATE product they have moved to an all-internal antenna. This reduces the installation time to 5-10 minutes. This also allows for easier repossession of a vehicle.

San Diego, CA, December 05, 2007 --( SysLOCATE Announces Launch of S3000i GPS Vehicle Tracking Unit.

SysLOCATE Significantly Reduces Installation Time with New All-Internal Antenna Design for their GPS Tracking Unit.

SysLOCATE has added an internal antenna to the S3000 GPS Vehicle Tracking Units, cutting installation time in half. This new feature makes installation quick and easy, generating a very beneficial cost savings to lot managers. Internal antennas also eliminate issues with pinched cables, resulting in higher reliability.

"Installation has been a huge challenge for many of our customers. Adding the internal antenna can bring installation time down to 5-10 minutes and with some fleets having several hundred cars this is a significant cost and time savings," said Joel Hartley, Chief Technology Officer, SysLOCATE Inc. “Dealers that have been using our all-internal antenna units in our trial market are overwhelmingly convinced that they will never need to install an antenna again.”

Other features also released include:

• Stop Track - When initiated it tracks where a vehicle stops over a 7-day period. This makes recovery of a vehicle quick and easy should a customer default on their auto loan. Every vehicle tracking unit includes one free Stop Track for the life of the unit. Additional use of Stop Track is possible, but incurring a small fee.
• Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) - Many of the SysLOCATE features can be accessed using your phone. For instance, using InstaFence a person can be alerted if a vehicle has moved from its location.
• Lowest Cost 3-year 200 Locate (pooled) Service Plan - SysLOCATE is introducing a very attractive low cost service plan making it much easier for a lot manager to protect their assets.

These new features give lot managers the assurance their assets are protected and significantly reduce the time and cost in asset recovery.

About SysLOCATE Inc.
SysLOCATE Inc., operating under their registered trademark SysLOCATE, helps companies with the management, location, tracking and recovery of their mobile assets. Based in San Diego, the company's SysLOCATE GPS tracking system and S3000 GPS Vehicle Tracking Units offer unique advantages with ease-of-use/install, functionality, and scalability not found in other commercial products. This includes the ability to manage diverse asset portfolios, receive real-time GPS tracking data from a variety of platforms/devices, and to operate over a variety of networks and countries. The new pricing plan includes 200 locates for $19.95 over a 3 year period. Additional information and a live, hands-on demonstration of the tracking capabilities are available at

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