Gold Medal Tip n Split to Air on QVC

North Potomac, MD, August 02, 2015 --( Winner of Gold Medal for "Best New Gadget" at INPEX, trade show for new products, Tip ‘n Split will officially launch on QVC.

See it live on The Morning Show with Dan Hughes, 7 – 8 am (Eastern), Wednesday, August 5, 2015.

No more passing around reading glasses to see the menu and bill. No more looking around for a candle or some light in dimly lit restaurants. Tip 'n Split is an all-in-one device that solves this problem. It also has a calculating device to quickly figure out a tip and split the bill. After an enjoyable meal, the bill comes, and we go from "fun mode" to "math mode." Now, we can certainly do all do the calculations in our heads, but it is much for fun to let Tip ‘n Split™ do the work.

The product is unique because it meets the needs for an older restaurant patron to read and calculate tips and splits in dimly lit environments. The product is easier to use than smartphone “apps,” and it has a magnifier and light. This gives the product a competitive advantage over its competition.

While younger people may prefer to use smartphone “apps” to figure out a tip and split the bill, Baby Boomers, currently over 100 million adults in the United States, prefer to leave the WIFI behind and “talk” with each other during dinner.

Tip ‘n Split™ is an ideal gift for the tens of millions of older people who patronize restaurants and for people who want to buy gifts for them.

Tip ‘n Split Solutions is a 100% woman-owned business, founded in North Potomac, MD by Connie Inukai, also a professor of Technical Writing at the University of Maryland.

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Connie Inukai