Overall Ambulatory PACS Market Scores Decline in KLAS’ 2007 Report

KLAS Announces Publication of its Ambulatory PACS Report.

Orem, UT, November 21, 2007 --(PR.com)-- With margins and reimbursements shrinking, many providers are looking to ambulatory PACS solutions to improve their operational efficiency and offset losses stemming from the 2005 Deficit Reduction Act cap. Before committing major capital to a PACS solution, providers typically have a lot of questions regarding the market, the vendors, and the solutions available. KLAS’ 2007 Ambulatory PACS study offers provider ratings and feedback in answer to these and other questions.

The ambulatory PACS market has grown considerably over the last few years. It now boasts rating more vendors than almost any other Healthcare IT market segment. Data on PACS solutions is among the most accessed in the KLAS database. The sheer number of providers participating (478) and the number of rated vendors (22) in this year’s Ambulatory PACS Study underscores the high interest in this segment.

With so many vendors to choose from, most of which perform well, many wonder what drives provider decisions in the Ambulatory PACS market. “Functionality and Ease of Use” was the number one determining factor KLAS found of those surveyed. “Cost” was second.

As a market segment, Ambulatory PACS is one of the highest of all market segments KLAS measures; however, scores in this market are declining. This year’s average PACS vendor score was down 1.6 points from last year, dropping from 85.5 to 83.9. Additionally, only three vendors saw an improvement in their individual scores this year.

In spite of the decline, Ambulatory PACS is still a very strong segment. The current average ambulatory PACS vendor score of 83.9 is significantly above the average KLAS HIT vendor score of 80.4.

Vendors included in this study are AMICAS, Aspyra, Avreo, DR Systems, Dynamic Imaging, eRAD, FUJIFILM, Infinitt, Intelerad, McKesson, Merge Healthcare, NovaRad, Philips, RamSoft, ScImage, Sectra and Stryker.

Over the past 12 months, data has been collected throughout North America with a goal of monitoring trends and performance scores within the Ambulatory PACS market. Additional studies are underway for both Large Acute Care PACS solutions and Community PACS solutions. A study on cardiology PACS was recently published in October.

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