KLAS Report Rates Five Unit Dose Packaging Vendors

KLAS spoke with more than 130 healthcare professionals to understand the successes and struggles they experience with their unit dose packaging vendors and systems. - September 27, 2008

Adam Gale Named KLAS President

Adam Gale has been appointed the President of KLAS Enterprises. - September 13, 2008

KLAS Ranks 6 Extensive IT Outsourcing Vendors

KLAS offers a view of what is happening in the extensive IT outsourcing space by measuring outsourcer performance and providing insight into the experiences of the outsourced organizations. - September 10, 2008

KLAS Ranks 5 Smart Pump Vendors

Smart infusion pumps are designed to add a line of defense at the bedside against such medication errors by ensuring that the right medication and dose go to the right patient every time. KLAS interviewed over 200 healthcare professionals regarding the experiences they are having with their smart infusion pump vendors. - September 04, 2008

Which CV X-ray Vendors Deliver on Service?

Despite the available options providers continue to ask KLAS about x-ray for cardiovascular and interventional radiology work. KLAS interviewed 90 healthcare professionals about the experiences they are having with their CV/IR x-ray equipment and vendors. - August 31, 2008

KLAS Researches Momentum of 8 CIS Vendors

KLAS recently published research identifying the Clinical Information System (CIS) vendors that prospective buyers plan to purchase from, which other vendors would be considered in the purchase process, and the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor. - August 17, 2008

KLAS Ranks 5 High-Field MR Vendors

KLAS spoke with 220 healthcare professionals to understand the successes and struggles providers were experiencing with vendors in the high-field MR market. - August 02, 2008

KLAS Rates 7 Speech Recognition Systems

KLAS spoke with more than 300 healthcare professionals to investigate both front-end and back-end speech recognition vendors. Beyond features and functionality, differing client satisfaction stemmed from the way the vendor interacts with the client via the sales force, support infrastructure, and executive team. - July 05, 2008

KLAS Rates 8 Vendors in Its 2008 Clinical Market Share Report

According to findings in KLAS’ 2008 Clinical Market Share Report, the CIS market has reached replacement status. More sales are coming from organizations that are replacing existing solutions than from those buying solutions for the first time. Which vendors are being replaced and why? - July 02, 2008

KLAS Rates 13 Medical Transcription Services Organizations

KLAS interviewed more than 400 healthcare professionals for its third annual Medical Transcription Services Organizations (MTSO) report to uncover how the vendors are performing in the MTSO marketplace. - July 02, 2008

KLAS Rates 3 Medical Oncology IT Vendors

At the request of healthcare providers seeking to modernize their oncology practices, KLAS delved into the medical oncology marketplace and produced this initial study on the market. - June 26, 2008

KLAS Rates Top 10 Healthcare Business Intelligence Vendors

KLAS spoke with more than 150 healthcare professionals about their perceptions of vendors in the business intelligence marketplace and discovered the opportunity for BI in healthcare is wide open. - June 12, 2008

KLAS Rates 9 Ambulatory EDI Claims Clearinghouse Vendors

KLAS addresses the question of whether an ambulatory EDI claims clearinghouse is simply a commodity, while researching the successes and struggles healthcare providers experienced when working with their clearinghouse service vendors. - June 05, 2008

KLAS Rates Eight Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

KLAS investigates hospital revenue cycle management and the ability of software solutions to keep up with healthcare provider needs. The report addresses perceptions in the marketplace rather than actual performance scores and contains opinions from more than 170 healthcare participants. - June 04, 2008

Which P A C S Vendors Best Address Provider Need

KLAS’ PACS report for large hospitals found a significant range in healthcare provider scoring of their PACS solution. With more than 70 PACS solutions available in the marketplace today, data presented in this report represents the experiences of more than 600 healthcare professionals currently utilizing a PACS vendor. - May 19, 2008

Successful Clinical Implementation Team Building

Healthcare providers share insights with KLAS into how to fill implementation team gaps and build successful teams. They share what worked for them and offer advice on how to improve the process. - May 19, 2008

KLAS Investigates Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

KLAS drills down into hospital revenue cycle management and the ability of software solutions to keep up with healthcare provider needs. The report addresses perceptions in the marketplace rather than actual performance scores and contains opinions from more than 170 healthcare participants. - May 18, 2008

Is Digital X-Ray Worth the Effort?

Digital Radiography adoption continues to grow, despite CT and MR technology advances, due to its relatively low cost and frequency of use. KLAS investigates which vendors hit the mark for healthcare providers in this digital x-ray report. - May 05, 2008

Healthcare Providers Demand Feedback About Computed Radiography

Due to provider requests, KLAS investigates single-cassette computed radiography (CR) in this groundbreaking study to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of the marketplace. - May 05, 2008

KLAS Delivers Report on Labor and Delivery IT Solutions

KLAS’ Labor and Delivery report investigates L&D vendor solutions; which vendors are making the most progress toward integration, what functionality is most important to providers, and how satisfied providers are with current vendor offerings? - March 09, 2008

KLAS’ Ambulatory EMR Perception Report Probes Providers for Market Insights

Providers shared their thoughts and perceptions with KLAS about their near-term plans for EMR purchasing, key criteria for selecting an EMR and which vendors they would consider if making that purchasing decision today. - February 24, 2008

KLAS Investigates CPOE Offerings and Technology Leaders

KLAS measured the depth of CPOE adoption in this sixth and most recent study to find out provider satisfaction with the vendor offerings and the depth of usage in this growing area. - February 24, 2008

KLAS’ Single Sign-On Study Uncovers Driving Forces in Adoption

KLAS found that Single Sign-On is more of a when than an if technology, even if the only push toward adoption is meeting the requirements of HIPAA, JCAHO and other patient safety initiatives. Most healthcare providers report their vendors perform well. However, with adoption being a matter of time, providers in the process of selecting an SSO solution often wonder what the differences are among vendor offerings, what advice other providers offer when making an SSO decision. - February 18, 2008

Digital Mammography Impacts Throughput, Workflow and Revenues

KLAS delves into the adoption of digital imaging in mammography services and publishes its inaugural Digital Mammography Report to inform healthcare providers about the successes and struggles other healthcare providers have encountered while integrating digital mammography in their hospitals and clinics. - January 16, 2008

KLAS Investigates Application Hosting Services in Healthcare

A growing number of healthcare provider organizations are turning to vendors and third party firms to host and manage some of their core applications. KLAS takes an in-depth look at what is happening in the provider application hosting marketplace, what is fueling this growth, and investigates provider successes, struggles and satisfaction with vendors in this growing area. - January 11, 2008

KLAS Studies Medication Administration Barcoding at the Point of Contact

Since 2003, KLAS has been monitoring the Medication Administration Barcoding at the point of contact (BPOC) market segment. In this report, KLAS set out to discover what changes are happening in the marketplace as well as the successes and struggles healthcare providers are encountering with medication administration. The investigation includes vendor performance ratings from healthcare providers, bar-code technology implementation time, management reports and interfaces. - January 07, 2008

KLAS Announces 2007 Best in KLAS Vendor Rankings

KLAS publishes 2007 Top 20 Year-End Report detailing vendor performance ratings for HIT software, professional services and medical equipment. Results are compiled from evaluations received from healthcare professionals during the past 13 months. - January 04, 2008

KLAS Investigates Emerging CVIS Needs and Industry Perceptions

Research respondents shared with KLAS their struggles in attempting to harmonize the fragmented cardiology IT environment in spite of the staggering number of critical interfaces. - January 04, 2008

Overall Ambulatory PACS Market Scores Decline in KLAS’ 2007 Report

KLAS Announces Publication of its Ambulatory PACS Report. - November 21, 2007

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