Geek Fever Games Launches New Card Game, Mars vs. Earth, Following Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Geek Fever Games is proud to announce their newest release, Mars vs. Earth. Mars vs. Earth is a fast and furious card game for 3 to 10 players, playable in 30 to 60 minutes. Mars vs. Earth was originally web published as a Print & Play game in 2012, and following a successful Kickstarter campaign it is now fully published and available to the masses.

Hartford, CT, August 04, 2015 --( The Story:
Earth is under attack.

They came for our resources…
They came to annihilate us…
They came for our… cows?

Welcome to Mars vs Earth. In this alternate-reality, 1950's era setting - we are not alone. Aliens from the planet Mars have secretly descended upon Earth. As a member of an elite multi-national squad, you must defend our home against the vicious, little green men as they try to abduct our wives, mutilate our cows and boil our oceans.

To complicate matters (as if inside-out cows weren't bad enough), the aliens can replicate our DNA and clone human beings. They know our agency is the last line of defense and they have infiltrated our ranks. That trusted partner of yours may actually be an alien spy. When was the last time your DNA was screened?

About the release:
This release of Mars vs. Earth represents a heart warming "indie" success story. The team behind the card game, Connecticut game designers Jason Miceli and Matthew Plourde, have been dreaming of designing and publishing games for almost 20 years. With recent advances in crowd-funding, internet publishing, and other resources available for indie developers, their dreams have become reality. Carefully designed Kickstarter campaigns allowed for raising the necessary funding to jumpstart the game's development, while keeping financial and fulfillment risk to both the company and backers low. The game's publisher, The Game Crafter, allowed the game designers to see their vision through to completion, without suffering the burden of manufacturing, fulfillment, shipping, and large minimum quantity orders.

With the core team's design vision and tenacity, accessible crowd-funding, and next generation game publishing resources, Geek Fever Games and its new gem, Mars vs. Earth, have hit the map... the Terran map, that is.

Mars vs. Earth's homepage can be found at:

About Geek Fever Games:
Geek Fever Games seeks to "deliver the most exciting and compelling game experiences on this side of the known universe!" Founded in 2012 by Connecticut game designers Jason Miceli and Matthew Plourde, Geek Fever Games has successfully funded and launched two major games. Following its successful Kickstarter campaign in late 2014, the company's flagship card game, Mars vs. Earth, was published and made available to the masses in July, 2015. Prior to that, two major versions of Sim Hero, a PC-based RPG Management Sim, were crowdfunded and launched. Geek Fever Games plans to launch many more "other-worldly" gameplay experiences, both for tabletop and PC.
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