New York Fire, Water, Mold and Commercial Disaster Restoration Company Warns of the Effects of Mold on Human Health

Albany, NY, August 02, 2015 --( In a recent metaanalysis of a select set of poignet studies observing the correlates of mold exposure and human health, experts and scientists have revisited the issue of relativity between mold and human health and found that mold exposure can lead to much more devastating issues than originally believed (Cordas, 2015). These effects are especially devastating amongst infants and children.

Research has validated that the inhalation of mycotoxins, the byproducts of mold that actually lead to deterioration in health is clinically more significant that intravenous exposure (Cordas, 2015). In one study reviewed, there were 46 cases of infant pulmonary hemmorrhage (with 6 deaths in this group) (Cordas, 2015). A high degree of statistical significance was found between these cases and exposure to water damage in their homes. In another study conducted at the Mt Sinai School of Medicine, (Gordon et al.) found that ~60% of the subject participants tested and found to have neuropsychological abnormalities, were exposed to high amounts of household mold. In those subjects, verbal learning, attention/concentration and set shifting were greatly affected with significant deficits. In addition to these analyses, almost 50 more studies have found strong correlates between chronic toxic encephalopathies and mycotoxins. As such, it is important to recognize the risks associated with not only household mold, but remediation and abatement of mold as well.

The devastating effects of mold have been brought to the table of state legislation in New York State. NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo has just passed legislation that will require Mold Assessment, Remediation and Abatement state training programmes be completed by specialists in these fields ( In addition, new licensing requirements will also be in effect as of January 2016, with a requirement that individuals preforming such services be licensed directly through the State Department of Labor (

It is imperative that homeowners continually check their humidity levels in addition to watching for mold growth. Only certified professionals should preform assessment, remediation and abatement of mold damage. In regions with high levels of humidity, evaluations with sophisticated technology are a good preventive measure to take in homes and businesses.
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Lee Becker