MEMA® Engineering, LLC. Introduces MEFLOW™: a Solder Reflow Oven Control Board

Allows you to control the internal temperature of a standard toaster oven for reflowing solder.

San Francisco, CA, August 02, 2015 --( MEFLOW™ is a solder reflow oven controller board for quickly populating printed circuit boards. MEFLOW™ can also be used as a controller board for various applications, such as, but not limited to: toys, automatic controlled devices, robotics, and DIY projects. MEFLOW™ also comes with preloaded software functions, for example it can function like a state machine, going from one state to the next simply by pressing the action button.

MEFLOW™ Specifications:
- ATtiny 84 Microcontroller: 8kb Flash memory, 512 bytes SRAM, 512 EEPROM
- 2 Relay outputs, relays are connected using a 3 pin screw terminal, 1 relay can be used for the optional buzzer (90dBA 3.1kHz) or can be left unsoldered.
- Programmable buzzer
- Output provides up to 220mA at 3.3volts
- One button interface
- K-type thermocouple – capable of reading temperatures from -200°C to 1350°C
- Input voltage min 3.6volts to a max 6volts
- 5 Status LEDS: SDA, SCL, Thermocouple DATA, and the other 2 are used for the MEFLOW Software or are reprogrammable.

“By precisely controlling the internal temperature of a standard toaster oven you avoid the risk of damaging components,” says Mr. Malek, founder and CEO of MEMA® Engineering, “and if you connect MEFLOW™ to a computer you can track the refl­ow progress and get live data to plot a refl­ow temperature graph.” MEFLOW™ is now available for purchase at MEMA® Engineering:

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