Den of Ashes Claims the New West

Den of Ashes Claims the New Genre of Western Alt Rock with the Successful CD Release of Blackbird

Hermosa Beach, CA, August 04, 2015 --( Den of Ashes continues to open up it's evolving new genre of Western Alt Rock with it's new release of Blackbird on CD, now available on the Den of Ashes website through Starry Eyed Records.

Ash, the singer/songwriter known as Den of Ashes, recently returned from a series of solo performances and a live interview on WXRY in Columbia, South Carolina with a great reception in support of the CD release of Blackbird. The songs on Blackbird are proving that Western Alt Rock has a strong emotional connection with fans. Ash views the West as America's last great frontier and still relatively unexplored in stories and tones. These songs have a rare solitude about them that only Western can convey.

In a recent interview by Vincent Harris, Ash said: "The music on the new EP Blackbird plays like an extended tone poem, The songs sound vase and blurred, trafficking in suggestion and mood. The music pulls from acoustic folk and country roots, but melds those influences into a darker, more timeless sound."

Ash also performed new songs, including a soon to be released single, Easy Town, which continues the moody melodic story-telling journey.

Easy Town is a very catchy tonal masterpiece with lively lyrical twists and turns that paint a very compelling picture of Death on his daily travels.

The visual presentation of Blackbird is set in Joshua Tree, which provides the perfect match for the music of Den of Ashes, which is hauntingly beautiful and thought provoking in lyrics and tone. All of the photographs were shot by renowned photographer Len Prince, who was compelled by the music to become heavily involved with the imagery of Den of Ashes in concept and creation. Prince said, "I love the music. It is incredibly thoughtful, haunting, and inspiring."

The rise of Western Alt Rock can only be attributed to efforts of Ash/Den of Ashes as an evolving musical genre. Ash continues the journey from his grandparents footsteps, early Country and Western stars John and "Texas Peggy" Clemens, known as The Wyoming Ramblers. They toured the country in the late 1930s through the 1950s and shared the stage and friendships with such greats as The Carter Family, Tex Ritter, Johnny Cash, Red Foley and Patsy Cline.

Den of Ashes continues to leave a trail of impressions among it's fans as it gains new exposure on the radio. In support of the recent CD release of Blackbird, Ash will be performing throughout California during the Summer. Blackbird was released on May 1st and peaked at #21 on iTunes new Rock releases.

Den of Ashes, Blackbird is released on Starry Eyed Records, who's sole focus is the reemergence of Western as an Alternative Rock genre.

All songs from Den of Ashes are available for download on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Rhapsody, mp3download and CDBaby. Also streaming on Spotify and iHeart Radio.
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