Chris Brown Adopts Bulldog Puppy, Names Him "Shrinkabull's X"

Chris Brown gets a cute bulldog puppy named "Shrinkabull's X."

Los Angeles, CA, August 04, 2015 --( Although rapper Chris Brown projects a tough image, it didn't take long for us to see that soft, dog-loving interior after adopting his new Shrinkabull's English bulldog puppy. Thanks to some online videos, Chris Brown can be seen on the ground playing with the cute, wrinkly 13-week-old Shrinkabull bulldog puppy. The AKC English bulldog puppy came with the name "Chief," but the name was soon changed to "X". We can only imagine that it was in honor of Chris Brown's 2014 hit album of the same name.

"Shrinkabull's X" is a rare male sable tri AKC English Bulldog, and we have every confidence that he will receive the same love and care that Brown has given his other dogs in the past being a known dog lover. Although we've seen the chart-topping singer and rapper go through ups and downs in his love life, one thing is for sure: man's best friend won't ever leave his side.

Chris Brown's cute, wrinkly english bulldog "X" (AKA Chief) was adopted from Shrinkabull's English Bulldogs aka famous animal handlers Abe & Ann Ward, provider of bulldogs english & french puppies to other celebrities like Joe Jonas, Iggy Azalea, and Randy Jackson. Also handlers of all breed animals including exotic animals such as monkeys, lemurs, kangaroos & zebras for celebrity shoots, music videos & motion pictures.

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