Affluent Consumers Online: New Auction Website That Sells Luxury Goods Exclusively is a new online auction project which targets affluent consumers online. Only luxury items, priced not less than £10 000, can be sold on this website, which ensures that Millionaires Bay will become one of the major players in the online luxury goods market in the nearest future.

Southampton, United Kingdom, December 06, 2007 --( A new online auction – - was launched on the 5th of November in the United Kingdom. The main idea which helps this website stand out in the crowd of other online auctions is that there are no items priced less than £10 000 on Millionaires Bay.

According to a study by JupiterResearch, affluent consumers spend much more time online and more active than others. The Web is an essential part of the lifestyle of wealthy people, notes a recent study on affluence conducted by Packaged Facts. The study also found that the affluent shop online more but enjoy it less, revealing that there are not enough great looking and easy-to-use ecommerce websites that target the wealthy.

A similar observation has given Serge Rathore, one of the founders of Millionaires Bay, the idea of creation a new auction website that will sell luxury goods exclusively. “The concept was born after a dinner party and a conversation about the experiences of wealthy individuals who have needed to use the internet in order to sell or buy high valuable items. The general opinion was that there was not a website available that was user-friendly, easy to navigate and focused on the needs of the more affluent online community”, says Serge.

Millionaires Bay sees its mission as offering internet users the ultimate online destination for all things luxurious. To accomplish it the company has set the limit on starting bids for all the items equal to £10 000. The Millionaires Bay founders explain that as “the focus of the website is not to attract the masses, but to attract a community of individuals who have a higher spending level”, there is no place for products priced less.

The first auctions on Millionaires Bay vary from the luxury Mercedes-Benz E-Class to Madonna’s bra which she wore for the “Die Another Day” video. Despite the fact that Millionaires Bay was launched a few days ago, the website has already got more than 50 registered users. And this number continues to grow, thanks to the promotion campaigns Millionaires Bay runs both online and offline. The Millionaires Bay team has placed the website banners and billboards throughout London - one of the biggest and richest cities in the world. Besides, Londoners may see the Millionaires Bay ads at the main underground stations and on taxis.

About Millionaires Bay

Millionaires Bay ( is based in Southampton, UK. It was found on 5th of November 2007 to meet the needs of affluent consumers and luxury merchandise retailers. The website provides easy-to-use and secure environment for those willing to buy and sell high-end goods online. For more information about Millionaires Bay, please visit

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